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Member Since 13 Feb 2010
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Eating In Nyc

28 June 2010 - 04:12 PM

I am planning a trip to NYC soon and would like to know if anyone has any suggestions for eats? Where to go???


03 May 2010 - 05:13 PM

Please help me get this straight...

My antibody test results are as follows:

Gliadin (deamidated) Ab, IgA, S 2.4
Gliadin (deamidated) Ab, IgG, s <1.0
Tissue Transglutaminase Ab, IgA, S <1.2
Tissue Transglutaminase Ab, IgG <1.2

Based on these results, my Dr. said I was negative for celiac. I followed up with genetic testing. The results are as follows:

DQ2 (DQA1 0501/0505, DQB1 02 Positive
DQ8 (DQA1 03XX, DQB1 0302) Positive

Final Results:
DQA1* 0301,0501
DQB1* 0201, 0302

Based on these results, my doctor said I DO have celiac... I am not a doctor and I don't claim to know more than she does, but I thought you needed a biopsy to diagnose celiac. I do know that you can have a false neg. antibody test if you are IgA deficient...but I don't know what to look for. Is there something in these results that indicate a diagnosis of Celiac without having a biopsy?

FYI... about 3 months ago my son tested pos for antibodies... she said they were low, so... he isn't celiac. Further testing (biopsy) confirmed a celiac diagnosis. This was after I insisted on seeing a GI specialist.

Should I also see a GI specialist for a biopsy...or just go by the genetic testing...

Help Me Understand

26 April 2010 - 05:56 PM

Ok.. do I have this right? I have tested positive for DQ2 and DQ8, but have had a negative antibody test. So, this means that I am not currently reacting to gluten, but COULD develop celiac at any time in my life? Also, do I understand that I got DQ2 from one parent and DQ8 from my other parent ? If this is so, then am I correct in saying that both of my parents are "at risk" as well?

Bread Please!

18 February 2010 - 11:55 AM

My 6 year old son was recently diagnosed with celiac. We are having a difficult time finding bread that tastes good and does not fall apart like old playdough or styrofoam! HELP!