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Member Since 13 Feb 2010
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14 February 2010 - 09:21 PM

I quit smoking about... 24 hours and forty-five minutes ago, so this ain't gonna be my smartest post. I couldn't find it on searches of the site though. Sorry if this's in the wrong section.

I have symptoms of Non-24-hour sleep/wake disorder. That's usually treated with melatonin, like DSPD. [Melatonin is also great at knocking out the irritation that comes with being awake during smokfing cessation.]

I get abdominal pains after taking melatonin, every time, and I don't feel well at all for a while after.

The hypothesis is that melatonin can give problems to people with celiac disease, but information to back it up has been difficult to obtain. At least for me at this time. :P Anyone else have this problem?

"Gluten Paralysis" Questions

13 February 2010 - 12:54 PM

I'm undiagnosed, and I'm looking for answers concerning my apparently rare "gluten paralysis" problem, which has been occurring on every gluten exposure following the first couple weeks on a gluten free diet [which I've maintained for two years now, and was vitally necessary and brought profound health improvements, more backstory trivia on profile].

If anyone knows what this might be, or suffers similar symptoms, please post any relevant information. I intend to see serious light shed on this, especially if it's a problem for others. At the least, the next person to search "gluten paralysis" will FIND something, so that might save someone many months.

Even small quantities of gluten [such as touching foods containing gluten while preparing them for others, caramel coloring from a soy sauce packet, the starch in a regular strength ibuprofen tablet] will, several hours later [2 to 6-ish?], result in an inability to move.

It's a temporary near-paralysis preceded by about thirty minutes of diminishing mental and physical alertness. It lasts two to four hours. All skeletal muscles below my eyes become sluggish at best, and often refuse to move when I "tell" them to move. This extends to dyspnea and apnea. In bad cases [more gluten], there's also a high level of focused abdominal pain during the worst parts [the sensation insists that it's somewhere near the pancreas or stomach, but I know that abd pains often don't care if they're holding the map sideways and upside down...].

I'm always in a rational, somewhat normal state of mind/emotion through the episode, although there's often fogginess and difficulty in thought. At least twice I've lost consciousness and woken to spend several hours with hemiparesis or aphasia [interestingly, predictably and comically, I could only form sentences from seemingly random words and vulgarities, although I could understand others]. Throughout the episodes, sweating and the urge to urinate will disappear completely, my mouth and throat become uncomfortably dry, and when I have the good fortune to have someone put a drink to my mouth [I aim for fruit juice, or water], the outcome seems improved.

When coming out of these episodes, my movements are very shaky and the fluid situations reverse; not alarmingly, but unusually. Those effects may or may not be due to "holy expletive, why the expletive does this keep happening" syndrome, which has been difficult [or perhaps impossible, by mechanism] to avoid. For almost a week afterward, I experience fogginess, non-muscular fatigue, low physical/mental energy levels, however one wants to put it, then I'm gradually back to normal again. [So far. As far as I can tell.]

Most importantly I want to know how this is happening, so I can better prepare to prevent or minimize damage in the future. Since it's also been the source of a lot of... really lousy interpersonal misunderstandings around me [family, marriage, legal, financial, etc], it would be good to know of any way I might get a diagnosis without subjecting myself to possible brain damage more than once. Even if once is the only way I can do it, I'd like to have something helpful ready to be used.

Any ideas are welcome.

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