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In Topic: Help! I Need A No Salt, High Iron, Gluten Free Recipe

22 February 2013 - 04:00 AM

Chicken is a good idea-we raise our own and I canned a bunch of tomato sauce last year so no salt!  I'll have to check the freezer!!!

In Topic: Help! I Need A No Salt, High Iron, Gluten Free Recipe

21 February 2013 - 04:22 PM

Here's the scoop, it's at my house and we eat gluten-free due to 2 of my kids.  So, my rules ;)  My mother is the one with the most restrictions but this is very new to her so I'm trying to help her out.  The group will include 1/2 children and 1/2 adults and I know that one of the adults is picky but he'll drink a lot of beer to cope, so who cares what he thinks (not that drinking beer is bad but it gets annoying).  My kids love quinoa and they are the majority when it comes to children.  

I'm thinking about a spinach strawberry salad-that's delicious.  The seafood is naturally higher in sodium but very high in iron.  I think (have to double check) that we're after no added salt.

I can be a real B about foods because we get so much negativity about the gluten-free diet.  You know, restaurants, relatives who think it's BS, etc.  So, I'm cooking the same foods for everyone and if they don't like it they will survive!  Now, that being said, whenever I feed a group a gluten-free meal they are surprised that they like it-I think we've all experienced that!

I have a bunch of porterhouse steaks but hate to waste them on a crowd plus it'll be too cold to grill.

JNBunnie, what's the wilted spinach like?  I've only ever had it cooked with butter or creamed.

In Topic: Celiac/gi And Hemophilia?

21 February 2013 - 03:47 AM

Thanks for your input!  I'm always hoping to link something that way it all makes sense.  I don't like to think that my genes caused problems for my kids :)

In Topic: Celiac Vs Gluten Intolerance

30 March 2012 - 04:01 PM

My 3yo is Gluten Intolerant. She was diagnosed based on symptoms-anemia, malnutrition, vomiting, irritability, slow growth, etc. This was before 12 months and her main source of nutrition was breastmilk! All of these symptoms slowly went away once she was gluten-free. Anyway, I spoke with someone at the lab that does all of the genetic testing and she told me (2 yrs ago) that the test just aren't good enough yet to rely on the results in little ones. So, we don't know if she has an allergy, intolerance or Celiac. It doesn't matter to me since I know she's healthy without gluten and sick as a dog with gluten in her diet! Our ped. agrees and won't even allow us to gluten her up for a biopsy! So, until SHE wants to know what it really is....we're happy with her current dx! Good luck mama! It's tough in the beginning but it does get easier :
Oh, your question.......after a discussion with our ped., yes, it can be "just" GI.

In Topic: Could This Be Celiacs Or An Intolerance?

30 March 2012 - 03:46 PM

If you're trying a gluten-free diet, you would remove gluten for a month and then add it back in. You'd notice the symptoms when you add it back. That being said......I wouldn't do it without letting your ped. know so he can monitor things. Good Luck!

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