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In Topic: Daily Free Eating In Classroom?

Yesterday, 06:31 PM

The first article is HATEFUL.  It's terribly written and just nasty. And she claims to be a "health coach" who doesn't understand peanut butter isn't exactly "healthy".  


Bans aren't necessary in MOST cases.  But diabetic kids don't need to eat 24/7 to be safe either.  That is a ridiculous "reason" and I would argue that with the school. 

In Topic: Daily Free Eating In Classroom?

01 September 2015 - 07:54 PM



I went to my 4th grader's curriculum night last week and guess what I found out?  You're right - unrestricted snacks are allowed all day in this teacher's classroom.  She has one rule - no soda.  WTF?!  My husband wants me to go crazy as it's not fair to our child that the others eat junk and keep her on high alert all day.




Don't you have a 504? I would be calling a meeting ASAP about this and address it there!

I don't understand this free range BS.  No wonder so many of the kids are overweight and pre-diabetic. :(

In Topic: Anyone Else Have Similar Issues With Wheat In General?

24 August 2015 - 07:24 PM

Those allergy skin tests are pretty much regarded as bunk by most. 


Without knowing what kind of Dr. and what kind of testing, I think that blanket statement is not exactly accurate.  


Ennis, if it was a holistic/chiropractor who did this testing, they the results are of little use.  If it was a Dr. it *may* be accurate.  

In Topic: Ttg Levels Still Positive

23 August 2015 - 07:42 AM

We've been on the diet for 5 years.  We still have positive tTG's and were dx with thyroid issues too.  No one has any answers as to why or any recommendations.  


It just may take more time for your kids. Hope they do come down to normal for you!

In Topic: Daily Free Eating In Classroom?

14 August 2015 - 05:56 PM

I'm sorry. I am trying really hard to understand the situation and honestly, it's just all over the place.  I have never heard of a "slow acting" allergy.  If it's an allergy, it needs epi pens.  It's not a gray area in allergy land so trying to understand that is really hard. I know/ have known hundreds of people who had kids with allergies that need accommodation any they get then. An intolerance, not so much.   So if you are dealing with an intolerance then I can understand why the school may be being questioning things (because I'm sure they've been wondering these same things).  


As i said before, accommodations need to be asked for, they aren't just given.  That's the process that needs to be followed.  You said you have a 504 but it doesn't sound like there is anything in it that needs to be, like addressing your initial issue with eating all over.  You have to go into those meetings with a clear idea what you need and why.


I get you are just coming back from overseas and the systems aren't the same.  Things aren't the same from one school to the next though so that shouldn't be a surprise.  You just have to see where they are at and figure out a way to keep the kids safe. 

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