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In Topic: Confused About Gluten Free Labeling/manufacturing

Yesterday, 01:34 PM

Welcome to you!  There is a lot to learn at the beginning but I'm sure you will figure it all out!

Many people here will suggest you start by getting away from packaged foods for a while to help aid in your healing.  Some suggest up to 6  months.  Everyone is different thought so you need to do what is right for you.  So people are extremely sensitive that they do need to research manufacturers or stick to those with certifications.  Some can manage with anything that doesn't have gluten in it and are fine.  You will have to see where you fall in the scope of things.  


Also, it is often recommended that you try and stay away from restaurants in the beginning to try and be as true to the gluten-free diet as you can be.


Again welcome and I'm sure others will be around with more thoughts for you!

In Topic: Nascar Superbowl Ad Takes A Jab At The gluten-free Diet

Yesterday, 10:42 AM


Seriously, Stephanie.......our government is the last bunch I would trust to change anything regarding Celiac. 


Oh I get this but given the extra time to try and do something, I would go that route over trying to get an ad pulled.  Do both is a better approach ;)   


You should look into those driving schools ;)  Get your thrill on!  You'll have to hit NH or DE though ;) 

In Topic: Nascar Superbowl Ad Takes A Jab At The gluten-free Diet

Yesterday, 10:01 AM

Here's the thing,  should they ever include ANY medical issues in "funny" commercials? No.  

If we as a community get up in arms over every mention and we go after people for things like this we are going to look lie crazy people.  I think it's important to pick battles. Don't like it, sure sound off about it.  Don't spend your money with those companies. But instead of banning one commercial with a petition, how about trying to make real change?   Write a letter to your congress person or something.  The FDA.  People who can change things.


And also, lets face it, of the people who you know are glue free, how many are glue free because it is the latest fad?  I am sure a majority of those you know on the diet IRL are because they think it's healthier.  THOSE are the people they are talking about and I get pissed at those people too because they are soft.  But that's my idea ;) 

In Topic: Are 4C Gluten Free Bread Crumbs Really gluten-free?

Yesterday, 06:56 AM

I never eat anything that is "made in a facility that also produces foods containing wheat"! EVER!



I would bet you eat things that are processed in a facility often.  Just because it isn't on the label DOES NOT mean it isn't.  Unless you eat nothing but fruits and veggies and meats, I would bet some things you eat are in fact process in the same facility. Many manufacturers use the same lines as well but will go over with you how the clean the lines to removed traces of what was processed before. This may include testing the line itself, discarding the first x amount after a change and then testing the product of the new run.  Again it depends on manufacturers and some are much better than others with that stuff.

In Topic: Gluten And Dairy Free Sweets?

27 January 2015 - 06:13 PM

We mix sunbutter, chocolate chips some butter/coconut oil and melt it down and add Chex.  Toss in powdered sugar- allergy/Celiac friendly Muddy Buddies!