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Member Since 12 Jan 2004
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In Topic: Best Book About Celiac Disease

27 January 2004 - 08:38 AM

the best (ok, the only one, but it's extremely good) book i ever read on wheat intolerance/wheat allergy is "Against the Grain," by Jax Peters Lowell. I've probably read through the entire thing 4 or 5 times, and it is great!! Not only does it have tons of information, tips, & recipes, ...it is HILARIOUS! Reading it makes me feel like maybe i'm not the biggest weirdo for having to dissect my food in front of everyone at a dinner party. :) I swear, any celiac/wheat intolerant person who reads this will finally be able to laugh out loud at all the funny/eccentric things (i.e. eating caviar w/ a spoon, bringing your own rice pasta to Italian restaurants) that one tends to go through with gluten/wheat intolerance. Especially after you've just been diagnosed (as I had), it's great to know that there's someone else out there who has the same annoying issues as i do (i.e. difficulty eating out at restaurants, dining with friends), and can offer some good advice on how to cope.

In Topic: Some Sort Of Gluten Sensitivity?

16 January 2004 - 04:58 AM

hi everyone, thanks for all the replies!! :)

regarding my previous blood test, i think i don't know if it was the total IgA count or not. i will ask the doc at my next appt!

also, i did end up going to the gastroenterologist the day before yesterday. he said that this point there's not much evidence to do a biopsy (since the IgG was not that that much higher than normal, and the other tests were OK). apparently it's not that uncommon to have slightly elevated IgG? however, he sasid that he might schedule a biopsy if "more evidence" for gluten enteropathy shows up, i.e. i'm still not absorbing iron properly. i got another blood test done yesterday to test to see if i'm actually producing iron (the blood test i got a week ago tested ferritin, which is apparently just the iron _stores_).

anyway, i guess i was sort of disappointed since i know that even if i do end up getting a biopsy, it probably won't show anything since i've been on the gluten-free diet for about 5-6 months. i heard some people in this forum say they go back on gluten for testing, but exactly how long does that take? hours? days?weeks? if it's weeks or more i'm sort of unwilling to do it, since it causes so much pain/discomfort and plus i could potentially be damaging my intestines on purpose. :( for the blood test i had a week ago, i just ate gluten the day of the test (ate wheat bran cereal in the morning, then a sandwich with a whole wheat bun around noon..i took the test around 3). i wonder if that was enough..do i have to go back on gluten for several days or more?

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