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Member Since 31 Dec 2004
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In Topic: Safe Alcohol

06 January 2005 - 12:44 PM

Not to add to the confusion, but I also got the word that Hornsby's ciders are NOT gluten-free. Earlier in a different message, I had said that I was able to drink them without problem but that's because I thought they were gluten-free---not taking that chance anymore.

Here's what the Gallo people say about their other products:

"In response to your inquiry, all of the wines and champagnes produced by E. & J. Gallo Winery, Modesto, California are completely free of gluten or any gluten by-products.

Under our Bartles & Jaymes product line we produce two kinds of coolers; a wine-base and a malt-base as indicated by the label. The wine cooler is gluten free. Under the Boone's and Boone's Farm line we produce both wine-base and malt-base products. The wine base is gluten-free. In addition, our winemakers advise that our cider beverages under the "Hornsby's" label do contain gluten. Also, our winemakers advise the brandy made by E&J Distillers, including Cask & Cream, may contain trace amounts of gluten.

We appreciate your giving us this opportunity to answer your questions. We hope this information is helpful.

Tammy Adcock
Wine Consultant

In Topic: Isn't It Ironic...

04 January 2005 - 06:42 PM

celiac3270, I just had a gluten-free frozen pizza from Amy's---plain cheese, but still pretty good.

In Topic: Booze

04 January 2005 - 05:57 PM

Since you mentioned Thanksgiving and booze, I'd like to vent about going to a big party and bringing my own food and beverages. Since there were 20 people there, that led to 20 separate explanations about celiac disease. Then, in what was probably a well-intentioned gesture, people decided to try my gluten-free food to see how it tasted. Trouble was, they didn't ask me first and I didn't bring enough for 20 folks.

Worst of all, a couple of guys pulled me aside and tried to convince me to have a beer with them. When I politely declined, they got offended: One said that it's "just not right when a man won't have a beer."

That's my vent. Thanks.

In Topic: Disneyland

04 January 2005 - 05:47 PM

Yes, Disney may be not only the happiest place on earth but also the most celiac-friendly. Like MySuicidalTurtle said, it's still best to have some plans with them ahead of time but for me, part of the fun is being able to walk in most anywhere at Disney and have gluten-free food. I used to know a few chefs who worked at Disney and they were all trained in celiac disease (and just about every other thing with dietary restrictions), they have nutrionists on staff, and they take cross-contamination seriously.

But when I've made plans with them ahead of time, I got the red-carpet treatment, which is also nice.

Hope your family has a great trip.

In Topic: Isn't It Ironic...

04 January 2005 - 01:13 PM

Have you ever noticed that when you're telling someone about the gluten-free diet for the first time, how they go through this list of foods saying "So you can't have ____?"

And when they get to bread, they so often get emotional about it: "So you can't have a sandwich? Or a hamburger? Or a hot dog?" Life would be so much easier if there was good, gluten-free bread around.

That's my venting coming off the holidays, where it seemed that everyone I knew was eating turkey sandwiches for two weeks. I miss turkey sandwiches. There are certainly more important things going on in the world, yet I'd still want the person who invented great gluten-free bread to win a Nobel Prize of some kind.

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