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In Topic: Gluten-Free In Germany, Paris, And Vilnius

24 August 2011 - 02:04 AM

Fiddle-Faddle, I'm not certain if you're going to also visit Poland (you mentioned about polish language though), however considering you'll travel by bus, train between Germany and Lithuania, I expect you'll visit some places in Poland.
You can find in almost all grocieries or really small stores a kind of rice-bread, which is 100% gluten-free. In polish they are called "wafle ryzowe" (very popular as also low-fat). The taste of them is... boring :) but it's good to not to be hungry during journey via country.

In Topic: So Frustrated - gluten-free-living In Europe

20 January 2011 - 07:43 AM

It's hard to believe, it's such bad in Belgium when gluten-free food needed. Which doesn't mean I don't beleieve you :)

IMO Europe is too diversificated to judge it generally.
I'd say that real paradise for us is Finland. You can buy gluten-free food, cakes, sweets, beer, etc. almost everywhere. The same fantastic possibilities are, by all accounts, in Sweden(I've never been in Sweden, but Finnish people affirmed).

I live in Poland. Thankfully in a really big city. The only thing I really miss is pizza&beer outside. It's not a fun at all to buy frozen gluten-free-pizza-base and bake it ourself at home.
The awareness is society is veeeeery low, so always must be very carefull in restaurants, but in bigger cities there are plenty of shops where you can buy gluten-free food and waiters generally speak english (but not expect they will know word as "wheat" or so on).
I was diagnosed just a year ago, so my personal experience is very low yet, however providing 1-10 scale of gluten-free satisfaction, my very subjective rating would be as follows:
Finland - 8 (there's no 10 in a whole world for us :( )
Poland - 3 (Krakow - 5, big cities - 3, small cities - 1)
Hungary - 1 (very lack knowledge of English in Budapest amazed me in negative way)
Slovakia - 2
Ukraine (Lviv only) - 1,5 (printed card in their language necessary)
Turkey (Bodrum area) - 1,5 (printed card in their language necessary)
Greece (just Kos and Rhodos Island) - 2,5 (didn't find any gluten-free stores, but some waiters are Dutch or British, so you can easily explain which meal may poison you).

In Topic: Anyone In Spain?

28 December 2010 - 07:19 AM

The hardest part for now is finding breakfast foods for him... he doesn't like any gluten-free bread or cereal we have tried so far...

Have you tried to make a bread yourself? If not, I'd recommend Panasonic Bread Maker as you can find in the link below:
It's fast, easy to use and user friendly :-)

In Topic: Gluten Free In Ukraine And General Travel Advice!

26 November 2010 - 05:46 AM

I visited Lviv only, (western Ukraine), close to Polish-Ukrainian boarder, however I suppose there is no bigger awareness about celiac/gluten in Kiev.
That's mean unnoticed from my point of view. No special shops, no knowledge at all.

I was using my card printed in Ukrainian language (attached below) and it helped in restaurants.
Actually... when I showed it, almost all crew was helpful. They were fantastic trying to help me. IMO, they felt flattered that I printed my request in their language. Several waiters and cook took part in heated debate. Excellent brainstorm. Great dish. Just felt as an alien in their eyes. :)

У звязку з погіршенням мого стану здоровя, що повязане є з тим, що мій організм не травить білків, які походять зі збіжжя (жито, пшениця, ячмінь, овес), отже не можу їсти потрав у склад яких входять мука, печиво, каша, макарон ітп...
Дуже прошу запрпонувати потрави які не містять вищевказаних (та їм подібних) складників або, якщо існує така можливість, приготування вказаної потрави без цих складників.
Дуже дякую!

Standing at eastern Ukraine you can also use card in Russian language:
Через погоршение моего здоровя, что связаное есть с тем, что мой организм не травит белков походящих из зерна (жито, пшеница, ячмень, овес) я не могу есть блюда в которых склад входят мука, хлеб, каша, макарон итп...
Очень прошу придложить мне блюда которые не вмещают вышевказаных складников (и им похожих) или, если есть возможным, приготовление вказаного блюда без етих елементов.
Большое спасибо!

And one my remark about Poland (mentioned in a post above).
I assure you, in all cities (above 50k citizens) you will find special grocery with gluten-free food, called "Zdrowa Zywnosc" and detached shelves in malls where you can buy gluten-free bread, gluten-free noodles and so on.

If you (anybody) go to Poland - just send me a Private Massage with location you are going to visit, then I'll reply with the best information for you, to feel comfortable with your diet.
I promise :)

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