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In Topic: 3 Weeks - No Difference

06 November 2011 - 07:15 PM

It sure is frustrating! We were just talking about this this evening. Our son was diagnosed in March of 2010 via Blood work and endoscopy (at age 5)- After lifelong diarrhea, etc.

His blood work was down to 'normal' within 6 months, but we kept seeing what we thought were 'reactions' and were so frustrated as we thought we were messing up!! Only in the last few months has he been more 'normal'. We have now had at least 2 months of NO diarrhea! Woo Hoo!!! THis is16-17 months post initiation of a gluten-free diet. Of course, tonite, he accidentally took the wrong plate of pizza and took a bite before we could stop him.(our fault- we had 4 extra kids over, it was chaos and we weren't careful). Within 20-30 minutes he threw up once (new symptom) and had diarrhea and tummy pain. I can only say this to those that 'understand'- but this was good for us to see! This is THE very first clear episode of glutening we have ever had. I think he has finally healed and we can now know when he is reacting to something.

Healing can be slow, but it DOES occur. Keep strong and know you are doing the right thing for your body.


In Topic: Me + Non Gluten Free Family= How?

04 November 2011 - 08:30 PM

Hugs to you! I am speaking from the other side, but I can empathize a bit- my son is Celiac. When he was diagnosed, everyone else was eating regular food. It will be a bit harder for you in some areas as you are preparing the food for the whole family, but pick and choose the things you are willing to change for everyone or not. We have a 'clean' area of the kitchen- the far side of the stove. NOTHING gluten may be put there- not a spoon, not a packaged cookie- NOTHING. The majority of our suppers are gluten-free- rice, potatoes are naturally gluten-free. So are all vegetables and meats in their natural state. Pick and choose your seasonings and sauces and really, the changes there are minor. The gluten-free pastas are not that bad- we have made the total switch and I don't mind them at all.

Breakfasts may be a bit tougher, but they can have their cereal and bread and you have yours. You do need your own toaster, or I have heard of toaster bags.

We have one pot, that is for the Gluten food- it is black, the rest are stainless steel. We have one drawer/holder for the hard to wash utensils that are gluten-free i.e.) whisk, strainer, etc. We do not have second sets of everything. Others will differ with us, but we haven't found it to be necessary. Utensils- fine in the dishwasher, most cooking utensils, fine. We do have clearly labeled separate margarine containers. All other containers it is well known to all that you scoop out with a clean spoon, then spread on your gluttony bread.

I would suggest not baking with regular flour- it is impossible to make sure you don't get sick and cross contaminate your whole kitchen.

Pot Lucks suck. Bring your own meal. Things like fruit and veggie trays should be fine- but try to serve yourself before anyone else gets there.

Since my first son was Dx in May of 2010, my second son has been Dx in August of this year and now my blood work is positive. I am choosing to do the endoscopy and will have that in less than 2 weeks. It appears that exactly 50% of our family is Celiac right now.

Good luck to you- this is completely overwhelming in the beginning, but honestly, it does get better and easier and you will find your groove. We re-organized and arranged our kitchen 3 or 4 times before finding what works for us. You will figure it out as well.

In Topic: Why Do Some People Feel They *must* Have An Endoscopy?

04 November 2011 - 08:17 PM

I haven't read through all of the replies, but wanted to give you an alternate view.

Both my boys have Celiac. One DX through positive blood work and a scope (because that is what we were told to do and I just wanted my 'baby' to feel better, so that is what we did). He had had many health concerns prior, honestly we are only now starting to see improvement, over a year and a half later.

Son number two had positive blood work a year later. By this time I was more educated and opted out of the scope for him. He has very few/questionable symptoms, and so far, 4 months in we are seeing little change.

Now my blood work has come back positive. I have not had symptoms that I would make a clear connection to Celiac. I initially was not going to do the scope, and went gluten free for one week. it was then that I realized that to completely 'buy in' to the idea that I had to remain gluten-free life long (even if I don't see any positive changes) I would need to KNOW that eating Gluten was doing actual damage to my body. Also, there is a bit of a tax break here in Canada and I was told that the adult GI would not definitively diagnose me with out a scope. So now I am back on a Gluten filled diet and my scope is booked November 15th.

In Topic: Did Everyone Have A Biopsy To Determine Celiac?

02 November 2011 - 06:43 PM

Nice to read this! We have a strong family history of Celiac, so when my blood work came back strongly positive, I assumed I would skip the biopsy/scope. The GI strongly encouraged it though, and I realized that 'I' need the positive scope to prove to myself that Gluten is doing damage to my body. I have felt fine, but did the blood work since we have Celiac in the family. Scope is booked for Nov 15

I am extremely nervous though! Those who had it done- were you asleep? I don't want to be awake or even just a bit sleepy when they put a tube down my throat!

In Topic: Funny Things Our Kids Say

01 November 2011 - 10:50 AM

When we told the boys (my boys are Celiac, so far girls are not) that it looks like Mommy is Celiac as well, the first question: "does this mean WE get the big toaster now??"

So cute.

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