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Member Since 27 Feb 2010
Offline Last Active Dec 14 2011 12:46 PM

Topics I've Started

Which Multi Vitamin Is gluten-free?

12 December 2011 - 09:43 PM

I am just less than a month gluten-free after positive BW and scope/biopsies. I am looking for a multivitamin that is for sure Gluten free and am having troubles finding one! I know brands are different between US and Canada, so just to let you know I am in Canada. I found one that said Wheat Free but not Gluten free, so I don't feel comfortable with that. Others just don't say anything! The ingredients look ok, but I don't know what half of the stuff is, and I can't find one that says clearly Gluten Free. Jamieson Brand has many single vitamins and supplements that are labeled as Gluten Free but I couldn't find a multi vitamin.

What do you take?

How Many People Were Ok Before Diagnosis?

03 November 2011 - 07:46 PM

Hey there!

Just wondering how many out there were NOT ill prior to diagnosis- and now that you are gluten-free, how have things changed? I got my BW done since my two boys were diagnosed with Celiac- about a year apart. I finally went, just so it would stop hanging over me as 'something I should do'. Feel fine, no obvious symptoms. My blood work came back strongly positive. I have decided to go forward with the biopsy since I think, down the road, I will need to know there was damage in order to stay loyal to the diet.

So, my question- if you weren't ill before diagnosis, how do you feel now that you have gone gluten-free? Did you get the biopsy? Even though you weren't ill, was there still damage on endoscopy?

Thank you!

How Necessary Is The Biopsy?

27 October 2011 - 07:45 PM

I am trying to understand this, but perhaps a bit of my history would be helpful to you..........

Late 2009- Sister had odd GI symptoms, blood test positive for Celiac. Her dr discouraged biopsy. She had improvement with gluten-free diet
March 2010- My son had positive blood test for Celiac. History of lifetime diarrhea, bloated belly, pale, and more recent to diagnosis, starting to fail. Biopsy Positive.
August 2011- Second son positive blood test for Celiac. I requested no biopsy- Pediatrician agreed.

I do not have any symptoms (that I am aware of), but I wanted the blood work done to be sure. just found out (Friday) my blood work is also positive (Anti-transglutaminase was 98 or something, with our norms reported as less than 10.) I am working on the assumption that I have Celiac Disease. Immediately went gluten-free, assuming I would NOT do the biopsy. With such a strong family history and obviously positive blood work, I was confident that 'my' diagnosis was correct. Met with my GP today. I do not respect, nor trust him, but cannot find another one in our area. He was less than educated on Celiac, and very confused as to why I would even subject myself to a gluten-free diet if I was feeling ok and 'could eat gluten and feel fine'. He gave me the impression that to receive a formal diagnosis (and therefore a tax break-Canada), GI's would require me to have the biopsy........... ALSO....... that it could take up to a YEAR to even get in to the GI. He could not understand why I was concerned about subjecting myself to gluten for the next YEAR if I was truly Celiac. Soooooooo..............

What are the chances of having such a strong family history of Celiac, positive blood work and NOT have Celiac???
Is it worth subjecting myself to Gluten until I get into the GI?



How Long For A Reaction?

03 August 2011 - 08:04 PM

Okay. So tonite, we made a HUGE mistake and grabbed a bag of pizza crust from the freezer, made the boys their pizzas and watched them chow down........ then looked more closely and they were eating WHOLE WHEAT pizza crusts!!!!!!!! They were over half way done, we figured the damage was done and let them finish their pizzas.......... Now we are waiting for the blow outs...... literally.

Gotta say I am surprised, though- they ate around 6pm, went to bed around 830. It is now 10pm and no complaints of tummy pain, no trips to the bathroom. How long does a reaction take? I am confused because there are many times that we think Jacob is reacting to something- due to diarrhea, complaints of tummy pain, etc. However, it must be traces as we are very careful about his food, cross contamination, etc. SO, if he hasn't had ANY reaction to speak of so far after eating whole wheat pizza, are these episodes of diarrhea and tummy pain really related to gluten? Or could it be some other food reaction.

Please don't get me wrong- i KNOW they can't have gluten. I KNOW reactions can vary. I am not using this as an excuse to feed him gluten or become lax on his/their diet. Just wondering if what we thought were gluten reactions may be something els. Also wondering what is a 'typical' length of time between eating gluten and symptoms.

Kim, Momma to 4 wonderful kids-Rebecca (age 7, two negative blood tests, no symptoms), Jacob- (age 6, celiac blood work positive, confirmed by biopsy March 2010), Gabe (age 6, Down Syndrome, celiac blood work positive July 2011, mommy refused the biopsy), and Susanna, (age 2, no testing, no symptoms)

I Hate Celiac Disease!

14 July 2011 - 05:18 PM

One of my boys(Jacob) was diagnosed with Celiac in March of 2010....... positive bloodwork and biopsy. It has been a challenging year. He is EXTREMELY sensitive! School (kindergarten) resulted in many episodes of cross contamination, and many tummy aches, diarrhea and headaches for my boy.

Today we found out his twin brother (Gabe) also has Celiac. This sucks!!!!! We had a mixed house before, but will be going 100% gluten-free now. To make matters even more challenging, Gabe has Down Syndrome. At this point, he won't understand why all his favourite foods are now off limits. He is a skinny little guy, a very picky eater. What has put my mind at ease is that he will eat peanut butter toast in the morning- or all day if I would let him. He LOVES bread, toast, buns, etc. We tried giving him gluten-free bread/toast before and he did not like it at all! He is a large part of the reason that we maintained a mixed household.

I am not a happy momma. I just feel sad for all of the food challenges and choices that they will have to make in the future. I know there is way more available to them now than ever before, but this still bites the big one.

Thanks for letting me vent.

Kim. Mommy to 4 wonderful children- 2 girls age 7 and 2 and twin boys aged 6.

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