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In Topic: Gratitude--What Good Things Has Celiac Brought To Your Life?

Yesterday, 10:08 AM

What a great topic!   Grateful for so many things:

I finally learned to cook - from scratch!

Learned how to cook and eat healthy

(and to borrow from, beth101) normal poop!!!

don't have to eat cake and pie.  Funny, but never have really liked it but would eat it at parties just cause it was expected and now I have an "excuse" not to! 

In Topic: Cleaning The Kitchen?

Yesterday, 10:01 AM

Vac, wash with soap and water.  I line my drawers with paper towels just cause it makes it feel cleaner to me! 

In Topic: How Come Gluten Didnt Bother Me In Italy

03 July 2014 - 06:25 PM

I will still say wheat is wheat is wheat.  If you are celiac then you are playing with fire to eat it.  Period.  You may not get sick but the damage is being done anyway.  Three days, three weeks, whatever, of carefree eating wheat simply does not seem worth the risk of what I may be doing internally.  But we all are free to make our own choices.  If I ever am lucky enough to make it to Italy I will be enjoyuing whatever foods are available minus the wheat.  My choice. 

In Topic: Canned Tuna

03 July 2014 - 06:14 PM

As someone else pointed out, if you have a Costco nearby try their Kirkland brand.  Nothing in the tune except tuna, water and salt.  Excellent. 

In Topic: Minimisation By Family/friends.

09 June 2014 - 12:39 PM

Education as others have said.  Sigh!  I get the "Well, it won't kill you like a peanut allergy will".  Well, probably not but do you want to hold my head while I puke and pass out for hours???   A co-worker told me it was just a diet thing and I would be fine.  A good friend rolled her eyes like I was making things up.   Takes time  for other around us to get it, and to some extent they never will unless they live it!  

My daughter (who really needs to be g.f but we won't go there) tried for two weeks.  She called me crying and said "Mom.  How do you live like this".  At this point in my life it's pretty easy.  Four years ago I would have been crying right along side of her.