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Member Since 08 Mar 2010
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#632727 Vending Machine Suggestions

Posted by on 18 August 2010 - 09:27 AM

Blue Diamond almond packs, Snickers, dark chocolate Raisinets.
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#632391 Other Allergies Disappearing After Gluten Free?

Posted by on 17 August 2010 - 09:15 AM

The other interesting thing is that my wheat allergy has become stronger in the past six months. I seem to have lost my natural desensitization by going super-strict with the gluten-free diet and now getting glutened gives me puffy eyes, post-nasal drip and asthma on top of the GI reaction. (Yet another reason to avoid the stuff.)

Sounds very familiar. Last year it got to the point that I had to constantly medicate myself with antihistamines and sinus meds because I was constantly puffy and stuffed up. That all went away once I went gluten-free and flares right back up if I'm CC'd.
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#632390 Other Allergies Disappearing After Gluten Free?

Posted by on 17 August 2010 - 09:14 AM

I've been gluten free for almost 8 months now. I have had an allergy to pork for a few years. My throat used to close up when I ate it. Well this weekend I accidentally ate pepperoni (long story, but I thought it was turkey pepperoni until I tasted it) and I had NO reaction. I did freak out and got myself some benedryl about twenty minute later just to be safe, but in the past my throat closing up and difficulty breathing happened right after I ate it and it didn't happen. I was fine. So now I'm wondering if this is due to being gluten free. Has anyone else had food allergies or intolerances go away?

Yes. I can eat pistachios now and have tentatively tried walnuts with no problems so far. I never had anaphylactic reactions to them, but I did have a bad contact allergy. I also thought for years that I was intolerant to peppers but am having no problems with them now that my gut is healed. I also drank a cappuccino last night made with regular milk, no Lactaid pill, and had no problems (first time in YEARS).

Interestingly, my spring seasonal allergies were pretty much non-existent this year (in past years they were severe enough to warrant a sick day or two) and the current weed allergies are mild enough that I don't need medication.
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#632317 Top Three Worst Gf Products

Posted by on 17 August 2010 - 04:27 AM

I have to take back what i said.

The Corn Muffins are from foods by george, i thought they would be good because i like the brownies.
The Kinni kinnick muffins are blue berry and they make me choke. Im afraid to try anything else because it is like throwing away money. I was lucky enough to find decent cookies and brownies, i consider myself lucky!

The Kinnikinnick hamburger and hot dog buns are good.
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#632160 Top Three Worst Gf Products

Posted by on 16 August 2010 - 12:25 PM

I recently tried Katz chocolate-dipped cookies at my sister-in-law's wedding (she had a dessert reception and thoughtfully provided gluten-free cookies, which I could eat along with the fresh fruit). These were SO good- simple little vanilla cookies half-dipped in dark chocolate. They were pretty, too- they looked almost like black-and-white cookies.
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#631848 Gluten Free Cooking...what Kind Of Cookware?

Posted by on 15 August 2010 - 09:22 AM

I have some beautiful stainless steel Calphalon pans. In fact, I used celiac disease as an excuse to replace my old non-stick omelette pan with a new stainless one. :D I do have one non-stick pan that is crucial for pancakes, otherwise everything else is stainless except for the cast iron dutch oven (our kitchen is gluten-free except for husband's beer).
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#631758 What Is Your Response When People Say.....

Posted by on 14 August 2010 - 06:27 PM

When you get to be a seasoned celiac it will not matter what others say or think--- you will be happy & healthy& in the end that is what truly matters. By then these uninformed ( putting it kindly) people may be suffering with an issue of their own. What goes around comes around..

No kidding. I remember just last year seeing the "gluten-free" label on a co-worker's jar of organic peanut butter (he's not a celiac, just extremely health-conscious to the point of being annoying on occasion) and thinking "oh, here we go again, now everything has to be gluten-free. What's next?" And of course then my own celiac disease went from latent to active that same year. Boy, did I eat crow from that one...
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#631709 "But You Can Eat Whole Wheat, Right?"

Posted by on 14 August 2010 - 01:40 PM

Here is a conversation I had with my Dad's sister. She's supposed to be a nurse...and supposedly the smart one?!?

ME: I can't eat anything with wheat in it...

HER: Oh. So you can only eat White bread? (I HATE THIS LINE!!!)

ME: No. White bread is just bleached wheat. I can't have any wheat at all...

HER: OK...So how bout this cake mix? *holding up a box of regular betty crocker cake mix*

ME: No. Not that either

HER: Oh. Well, You can still eat Ravioli out of the can right? Or spaghetti from a box?

ME: NO. I have to eat special spaghetti, regular pasta is made from wheat...

HER: Ok. I got it. So you can eat Kraft Mac and Cheese Right?

ME: *head palm* No.

Needless to say I NEVER let her cook for me....

Oh, that's just frightening.
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#631708 I Think This Is Bigger Than Me Right Now.

Posted by on 14 August 2010 - 01:38 PM

Yet another thought: do your gluten-free baked goods have tapioca flour or starch in them? That one usually upsets my GI. It's less of a problem now that my gut has healed (when I'm really craving a grilled cheese now I can usually tolerate a couple slices of Udi's) but when I first went gluten-free it took a bit to realize that the tapioca was setting me off.

Also, someone else mentioned dairy. I couldn't digest dairy at all for about two months after I went gluten-free. As my gut healed I was able to add back more and more and now I can even eat ice cream again (it used to make me really sick). You might want to try cutting out dairy for a bit and see if things calm down.
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#631273 "But You Can Eat Whole Wheat, Right?"

Posted by on 12 August 2010 - 07:50 PM

Really? I thought Spelt was just another (older) form of wheat. I thought I saw someone with a wheat allergy post here that they reacted to spelt, so I guess that's where I got confused. Thanks for the info.

It's a varietal of wheat, but not the same species as common wheat(or sub-species; there appears to be some confusion). Some of the proteins in the two species will be identical and someone who reacts to those proteins in common wheat will also react to spelt. However, some of the proteins will be different, and someone who reacts to a protein that is only in common wheat will not react to spelt.
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#631182 "But You Can Eat Whole Wheat, Right?"

Posted by on 12 August 2010 - 12:02 PM

I saw a sign today advertising for a homemade specialty bread store. I scanned the list of what they make to see if they had any gluten free bread. No such luck, but the last product they listed was "Spelt bread for people with Wheat allergies" :o

Depending on what allergenic protein a wheat-allergic person reacts to, spelt might be safe. At least they didn't suggest it as safe for celiacs.
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#630587 Help With These Symptoms! Tmi

Posted by on 10 August 2010 - 06:24 AM

Food poisoning was my guess until you mentioned that this has happened before in response to dairy. You need to stop eating dairy. Go see your doctor and explain that this is not a one-time thing.
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#630241 Red Lentils From The Bin

Posted by on 08 August 2010 - 05:46 PM

I think you'll be okay if you sort and wash the lentils well before you use them. I prefer not to buy bulk ingredients but sometimes it can't be helped. You're supposed to sort/wash beans and lentils anyway to remove little pebbles and surface dirt, so this is just one more reason to do so.
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#629348 "glutened" For First Time

Posted by on 05 August 2010 - 08:35 AM

For me the worst is usually over after 3-4 days. It's a few more days after that before I'm feeling back to normal. Hopefully you'll start feeling better quite soon.
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#629334 Just Because You Can't.......

Posted by on 05 August 2010 - 07:57 AM

I'll give the 16 year old a bit of a pass since I had surgery at her age and I remember how freaked out I was by it. It doesn't excuse the behavior or make it acceptable but it makes it a little more understandable.

It does sound like it's time to tell the older kids that either they can pay for the fast-food treats out of their allowance or they can eat the food you've provided at home. Even if you didn't have a food intolerance, they would still need to learn that they're too old to demand treats at every chance and get away with it. If they know that once a week they can have it on your dime (as someone else suggested), maybe they'll be a bit less demanding during the rest of the week. Plus, it would be healthier for them if they got used to eating less fast food at a young age. Maybe it's time for them to start learning to cook. i really wished my mom had taught me when I was a teenager.

Also- it's not fair to you to have to eat your dinner elsewhere. Cook gluten-free meals. Either they eat what you cook or they find something else in the kitchen. They won't starve.
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