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Not Sure I Should Proceed With Upper Endoscopy

09 March 2010 - 05:34 AM

A few months ago I talked to a friend who has celiacs disease and she talked about how she didn't have any "normal" symptoms and it was all kind of a fluke that the doctor's found out that she had it. I talked to her about me having a hypothyroid and that my son has always had GI issues. She said that next time I go for my normal blood work just ask to have the blood test run. Then, if I was positive, have my son checked.

So - I go to my family doctor for my normal tyroid blood work and asked about the anti-gluten blood test. I sensed my doctor thought I was crazy when I told him that I don't have any of the "normal" symptoms, but he wrote down that I had one so that he could run the test.

The test results came back mixed, but there were some things that tested positive for it. I haven't seen the #s and I'm not sure showed positive. His office sent me to a GI.

Yesterday I went to the GI and told her exactly what I've said above. It was kinda on a whim that I got the blood test done, that I don't have any "normal" symptoms, but am always gassy...that's really the only thing. I also told her that I DO feel better when I'm eating a non-gluten diet (when I'm do a cleanse...) than I do when I'm eating gluten.

Anyway, she said that she wanted to do an upper endoscopy.

Does this seem strange to anyone else but me and my husband? I feel like it would be similar to me walking into a doctor and saying a friend convinced me I have a broken toe, don't have any signs of a broken toe, but him wanting to run x-rays. The only difference is that I need to be knocked out for the endoscopy.

The only things I can think that are going on with my body or in my family that could have SOME relation are:
I have hypo-tyroid
I have gas all the time
I have high blood pressure
I have occasional vertigo (could be seasonal allergies?)
I have dry eyes and sometimes severe dryness/redness around them (seasonal?)
My mother has muscular dystrophy
My mother has Parkinsons


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