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In Topic: New, Would Love Some Feedback

16 March 2010 - 06:33 PM

So I recently discovered that I might have celiac. I am a hispanic male, age 28 with celiac in the family (although a very tiny percentage). As far as I can guess I have had this for almost 8 years. I just kinda learned to live with it and since my symptoms were limited the few times I actually went to the doctor with my concerns, were mostly just a waste of time. My main (and pretty much only noticeable symptom) is constant bloating, pretty much after anything I eat and occasionally just at random times regardless of food intake. I started taking BEANO before meals about a year ago and it has really helped, but nowhere close to "solving" the problem. Today I am beginning a no gluten diet on the advice of a friend living with celiac. It's going to be a BIG change for me since I pretty much have been eating anything I want over the past 8 years (although I kicked soda and beer a long time ago). Like I said, I've been just living with the results, figuring there was nothing I could do, until I discovered this illness.

Has anyone had a similar situation like mine?

My only real symptom from eating gluten is bloating too. Going in for a biopsy. My first doc just said I had IBS and to take beano too. That didn't really work :/

In Topic: Limited Symptoms - Is Anyone Else Like This?

16 March 2010 - 02:30 PM

Do you have a copy of your tests? Your symptoms could certainly be celiac (though not necessarily, of course), but doctors are notorious for running the wrong tests or incomplete tests. What tests did you have and what were the results? (You may have to call the office to get a copy, but you are - by law - allowed a copy of anything in your medical file.)

Thanks for your advice. I will ask them to fax me my blood test results tomorrow.

I've had the "EMA-Iga ENDOMYSIAL" test and the "TTG-Iga TISSUE TRANSGLUTAMINASE" test. These are the ones that are supposedly negative.

I sent my GI doc the symptoms list I edited into the first post, and he has ordered the following stool tests:


He also wants to schedule an upper endoscopy to get a biopsy of the small intestine. Seems like he's not convinced by the blood test results either.

In Topic: Limited Symptoms - Is Anyone Else Like This?

15 March 2010 - 07:09 PM

I, too, get gas from so many foods, especially dried beans and onions. I wonder how much of this gas is normal as they are both gas producing foods. I don't know if I should continue eating them or not.

How long does your gas last? Mine seems to follow the offending food all the way through the system. So strange.

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