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Limited Symptoms - Is Anyone Else Like This?

15 March 2010 - 06:48 PM

My blood tests for celiac are apparently negative. My symptoms have been exclusively bloating and gas, and going gluten free killed pretty much all of the bloatedness. But I still get gas from foods and don't understand why. Black beans will make me pass gas every half hour for up to 48 hours after ingestion, even though I have a bowel movement at least once a day. Other random foods seem to do the same thing, all gluten free.

I have lost weight that I didn't expect to lose, and I do find undigested food in my stool often, but gas remains the number one symptom, along with a really loud gurgling in GI tract all the time.

The first response is to think that I may have other food intolerances, but beans? For 48 hours?

I've been lurking these forums for about two months and haven't seen anyone complain about gas that occurs at least twice every hour all day after eating certain foods. Could I have something else that is the underlying cause of my gluten intolerance?



*EDIT* - Thought I'd include this list from my food journal to help people visualize the problem. I've never had some of the classic symptoms of Celiac, namely diarrhea and abdominal pain. But I do know that my terrible 10 month struggle with constant bloatedness and endless gas finally improved when going gluten free. Signs might point to a damaged intestine that has allowed an accompanying bacterial/yeast problem, and so producing my food-specific gas problems that have continued past going gluten-free.

List of Symptoms
1. bloating / gas (flatulence) caused by wheat or gluten after more than 24 hours after ingestion.
2. gas (flatulence) caused by certain foods(lasting up to 48 hours after eating): beans , gluten-free pasta sauces, hershey's chocolate bar, almonds, black walnuts, and more. But not other foods that should cause gas, like asparagus, onions, broccoli. Gas begins about 2 hours after consumption, lasts (as often as once every 15 minutes to once every hour) until the food in question is expelled? Or up to 48 hours, even though I have bowel movements at least once a day.
3. Loud GI tract gurgling, mostly noticeable at night when I'm lying down, though it occurs at points during the day too. Starts in one spot, moves to another.
4. Speckled looking yellowish/white things in stool and undigested food in stool 99% of the time.
5. Weight Loss - Down from 132 to 122.4. Very unexpected.

More Occasional symptoms

1. hard to pass stool
2. smaller, pellet like stools
3. loose stool

Things That Have Helped
1. eliminating gluten. This has eliminated almost all of symptom #1.
2. methscopolamine br 2.5 mg. This medication from my doctor seemed to help symptoms #1 and 2 very well. I could eat anything, gluten included, with greatly reduced symptoms, but I did not check my stool during this medication.
3. Eating only meats, green vegetables, and rice-only products helps symptoms #1 and 2, but does NOT help symptoms #3 and 4. Reduced gas but still undigested food in stool and white/yellowish things in stool.

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