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In Topic: Scopes Tomorrow!

08 April 2010 - 06:33 PM

I am praying for you, Bev. God is good and I am asking Him to give you peace and your doctors wisdom and to work all things out for His glory.

Blessing in Christ Jesus,

Thanks so much! I survived! I had a rough night...with the prep. I am certain I was dehydrated! I could not drink the rest of the prep this morning. I knew there was nothing left in me. I get my results in two weeks. He did say I have Esophagitis...I was shocked. I have never had any reflux or gerd symptons. I occasionally remember feeling like I can't swallow. He thinks it is food allergies. My colon looked good, and small intestine too :-) At least to the eye...we will see. I am gluten free as of today. I am sure I will have allergy tests soon. Since I have Hashimotos and the genetic marker for celiac...I think I will be smart to stick to the gluten-free diet. I think I will have grits for breakfast! Thanks for the prayers...God is good :-)



In Topic: Enterolab Results Advice

18 March 2010 - 05:24 PM

Can anyone tell me how to get an Enterolab test done?Is it something you do at home,or is it something a doctor does?I had my celiac test done thismorning,but I am pretty sure that its not celiac,but a sensitivity to gluten.Im starting to wonder what exactly is the difference between the two,because even if you have a sensitivity to it..you are doomed if you eat more than one cracker a day!I eat graham crackers for breakfast,which contain gluten..and Im okay unless I have anything else throughout the day.For instance,today..a graham cracker for breakfast..gluten free cereal for lunch,gluten-free fruit bites for a snack..then for dinner I ate chili.and it all started!!I guess the chili seasoning has gluten.Any advice?


Here is the link to Enterolab: https://www.enterolab.com/Home.htm
They send you a kit and you send the samples back to them. It took exactly 3 weeks to get the results. I do not know as of yet if my insurance will pay, but I feel it was worth every dollar I spent. Now I know I am not nuts!
I had a blood test done for Celiac, it was negative. I know I am sick, I have had symptons since I was 7...now 46. Hashimotos, skin issues, and chronic diarrhea and sometimes a horrible gas bubble under my right ribs. I am scheduled for scopes in April. I am fortunate that my Doc supports the Enterolab's testing. I will eat a complete Gluten-Free diet as soon as my scopes are done.

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