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In Topic: Self Elimination Diet - Risky?

25 November 2010 - 10:15 PM

Hi Bobby! Thanks for your kind words! Thanks, Loey for your welcome, too!

If anyone sees anything needing clarification or corrections to my gluten-free info in my website, let me know! I have some gluten-free info in Appendices B & E, on webpage 10 of my website.

Sincerely, Carol (concerned lady)
Can't Breathe? Suspect Vocal Cord Dysfunction!

In Topic: Self Elimination Diet - Risky?

25 November 2010 - 03:17 AM

Hi Bobbie and all,

I first learned about Celiac Disease, from a very nice guy---friend of my hubby, and this friend was told by a doctor, 20-30 years ago, to just stop eating gluten (the friend had all the usual symptoms of Celiac Disease). This friend soon got well, and has stayed well, as long as he doesn't accidentally get "glutenized". He never had any endoscopy done--no biopsies--he just listened to the wise doc, way back then, who I personally suspect also had Celiac Disease, and "recognized" that possibility in this friend!

Fast forward to a few years ago:

I learned about the existence of non-Celiac gluten sensitivity, from a gal Cara, who frequented a peripheral neuropathy forum that I was on (I had peripheral neuropathy, probably from a Vitamin B 12 deficiency, probably from lack of enough stomach acid).

Cara had learned about gluten sensitivity from Dr. Kenneth Fine, MD (gastro doc in Dallas, TX) who has "EnteroLab", at www.finerhealth.com

My hubby had enough health problems, that I finally said, "Let's both of us have the non-invasive stool sample tests done, by EnteroLab". He finally said OK, and HE came back positive for gluten sensitivity, while I came back negative. My hubby was annoyed, but, he tried going gluten-free, and it has helped him A LOT! He hardly ever gets sick anymore, etc. He does pay a price, if he cheats, or accidentally gets glutenized.

I loved everything that you all said in this thread!

What I feel is this: Whether one has Celiac Disease, or a non-Celiac form of gluten sensitivity, the "cure" is the same: Avoid gluten!

I recommend this good forum, and a few other good Gluten-free forums, to all who find my website about VCD (vocal cord dysfunction). Several people have told me they couldn't cure their VCD (short duration "laryngospasms") until they stopped having severe reflux, and they couldn't decrease their reflux significantly, until they finally tried my advice, which was: try going off gluten for several months, and see if it helps.

Carol (concerned lady)

website: Can't Breathe? Suspect Vocal Cord Dysfunction!

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