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In Topic: Brainless Neurologist

25 May 2011 - 09:54 AM

Absurd. She definitely needs a little gluten-free etiquette lesson!

I sent her an angry email , saying I was offended, and she responded that she wanted to talk about it on the phone. she asked me to be respectful. lol.
isn't that too much?? she brings gluten along, then does'nt apologize, and she asks me to be respectful.
I agree that she needs an etiquette lesson, but I declined from the conversation. I just don't have the energy, especially since there was no apology, or sense of responsibility from her for her actions.
I mean, how hard is it to type "oops". or "sorry"???
It just makes me wonder "what's next?" if i talk to this doctor.
I don't need the stress, i need to heal. I hope she learns, somehow, but i fear that some ppl might be too smart for their own (and everyone else's) good.

In Topic: Brainless Neurologist

25 May 2011 - 09:38 AM

That was beyond rude. Na-na-na Look what I can eat and you can't.

for me, it was more like, "let me bring some poisin oak into a room full of people who react like crazy to poisin oak".

"I can do what I want, after all, I is a doctor."

like someone said in another thread recently, there's no cure for stupid.

In Topic: #*@($ !#*^% Doctor!

23 May 2011 - 06:46 PM

^^^ word ^^^

In Topic: My Friend Is Coeliac, What If She Decides To Eat A Piece Of Cake?

23 May 2011 - 06:00 PM

I also keep hearing the following from so many ignorant people:

"If a crumb falls onto your plate and ends up in your mouth, you might as well eat a slice of bread!"

celiac is an autoimmune disease. the dangerous effects are caused by an autoimmune reaction in which your immune system attacks your own tissue,
causing imflammation in the gut, the brain, the skin, the nervous system.
you hear about IgG and IgA antibodies, but i've learned recently that it just part of the picture,
theres agglutinin, gliadin, glutenin, gluteomorphin (drug like response), prodyorphin, transglutaminase, glutamic acid decarboxylase.
I don't know much about all of these, but it may explain the varied presentation of symptoms that individual celiacs have.

the idea of healing is to stop the production of these antibodies, and peptides.
a bread crumb doesn't stop the production.
either does a slice of bread.
what does stop it is NO gluten. unfortunately, there is no 'get out of jail free card' by having a little. theres nothing proving that there IS a safe amount of gluten. your system senses the presense gluten in it, and, what does it do?
it produces antibodies to attack your tissue. I'm not sure that it says, "oh, thats not enough gluten for me to get to work"??

I've gotten a panko bread crumb in my mouth by mistake eating sushi a few years ago, and spit it out, realizing what it was, and I was barely able to walk; I had an episode of losing my balance, (ataxia), and the lot of other symptoms. seriously, it was a nightmare situation being out in public, and feeling helpless.
you won't convince ME that the residuals of a bread crumb is a safe amount!!

here's the study: "a milligram of gluten a day keeps the mucosal recovery away; a case study" Fedirico Biagi 2004
cliff notes: 1/60th of a teaspoon of wheat flour (only of which a tiny fraction is gluten there being literally 100s of proteins in wheat),
a day will prevent healing of the gut lining.

If your friend eats out all the time, i'm wiling to go out on a limb here, and say that she isn't to square one of the healing process. 11 years being 'psuedo' gluten-free may be better than gluten bingeing the whole time, but don't be fooled, and confuse this with the healing process.
I know from experience, i did what shes doing for @ 3 years, unfortunatly. I did'nt know about this stuff, and about CC, or the extreme potency of gluten. I did'nt ever knowingly cheat, even, but I now realize i was leaking gluten into my body every day w/ CC, and eating out, and working with it.
I just got sicker, and lost weight.
packaged 'gluten free' foods that have trace amounts have the same effect, imo.

I did'nt start getting better until i made the 100% commitment to make all my own meals, and do everything i can to eliminate gluten from my lifestyle all together. (eating only meat, veggies, and fruit,)

for me, having cooked (and baked, sadly 4 years) for most of my life I feel fortunate that i'm kinda over it when it comes to the foodie scene, and fancy foods, or ethnic food. I've seen it all, and don't feel the draw at all, that seems to be very common among other celiacs.
I started cooking for work as a teenager, and I'm 44 now; I worked at Gary Danko in SF, a michelin 5 star resturant. i worked 60- 80 hour weeks, i burned out a long time ago on food.
I just don't view food as entertainment, or even as art anymore. I just don't care.

what i DO care about is having a rewarding, happy life that doesn't get cut short by cancer.
I've had major depression/ anxiety problems my whole life, and for the first time i feel like it's getting better, and that life for me could turn into something that i had never imagined.
it's so exciting for me. learning this has literally been the best thing that ever happened to me.
it's no contest for me, anyways.

In Topic: My Friend Is Coeliac, What If She Decides To Eat A Piece Of Cake?

23 May 2011 - 03:41 PM

when she says "I avoid gluten like the plague the vast majority of the time.", it leads me to believe she cheats on a regular basis, anyways, and she is just trying to justify what she wants to do, in total disregard for her own future, and well being.
personally, I would'nt be able to handle the heart break of watching a friend self destruct like this. I admire your trying to intervene, it's very noble of you.

she needs to get it that once a month is too much, once a year is too much, just ONCE is too much.
cheating and hoping that your immune system won't notice this time is purely wishful thinking. the reality is that she is unleashing a cascade of antibodies that are going to attack her every single time she cheats.