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30 May 2011 - 08:41 PM

Just watched Woody Allens "Sleeper", the premise of which is that he is asleep for 200 years, and is woken up; kinda a Rumple Stilskin story.

upon awaking 200 years in the future, he asks for wheat germ, and tigers milk, having been the owner of a health food store in Greenwich Village.
one doctor asks the other, "what is that?",
the other replies, "they were foods believed to be healthy in his time"
to which the first doctor replies "what? no deep fat? no steaks?"

this is my dream about the future: wheat is removed from the face of the earth, and becomes unknown.
It goes from being everywhere, to being nowhere.
take this hypothetical idea, and that is what it is, just a hypothetical idea, and try to imagine what the world would be like, just as an exercise in imagination, if nothing else.
take what you know about how wheat effects everyone, not just celiacs, and imagine how much better humanity would be without it.
wouldn't we all be much better off??

and do watch the movie, it's hilarious. one of the funniest movies of all time.
the slapstick almost rivals Charlie Chaplin.

Brainless Neurologist

07 May 2011 - 02:01 PM

I went to a lecture/ meeting of a gluten free group where i live in marin, california. the presentation was by Shiela Wagner, who was great!! i learned some new things, and was pretty impressed.
i also met a few people with celiac like myself, including someone newly diagnosed who needed some basic pointers ( i've tried to direct him here a few times).
so, on the whole, it was a positive experience, but...

there was a lady sitting there taking in the lecture eating a big burrito wrapped in a flour tortilla!
at first, i was confused, but then realized that she was a health care provider.
after the lecture, she approached me, and had some bs line, and she gave me her card.
it was pretty obviuos she was just there to network, and get business, and i felt really mad and offended that she would bring gluten into a room full of people to whom it is a poisin! I know i'm heavily biased, as i've had nothing but nightmare experiences with docs/derms/acupunturists/naturopaths... and have heard of myriad more.
i already have to make so many sacrifices to try to avoid gluten, and give up a lot of anything resembling a social life; now, i can't even go to a gluten free meeting and get away from it!!
I geuss i should be happy that she is even interested in learning about gluten, and it's effects, as there are so many who flat out deny it still.
but isn't that just bizarre that she would be so stupid, and insensative??

How Careful Do I Need To Be?

25 April 2011 - 02:14 PM

Hi, I've been really really strict about my gluten-free diet, and lifestyle for @14 months now. I eat a paleolitic diet, meat and veggies, nothing processed or packaged, no grains at all. I have my own kitchen, i never eat out, i make all my own meals. this is after over 2 years of going 'wheat-free', but being clueless about CC, and trace gluten. I got sicker during this period, lost weight, and my DH got worse.
I use soap from Gluten free Savonerrie, which i order in the mail. I avoid iodine,in seafood, salt, in supplements.
I'm just starting to think that there is more i can be doing to prevent exposure to gluten.
My DH is still pretty bad after over a year of being super strict, and i'm startring to losr my patience, or whats left of it.
I got extremely glutened about 2 weeks ago when i parked my car unknowingly in front of a bagel factory, and got out and the door was open, and i was literally a few feet away from big bags of flour, and big mixers. the air was full of it ( I used to be a baker, and chef, and know how airborne flour can be,)
I got hammered by most symptoms within minutes, but the DH took a few days to flare up.
I had never really gotten 100% rid of it, but I would say that at it's best, it was 80% gone. I've been taking pics w/ my cellphone to track my progress, and i know it certainly was feeling better.

this got me to thinking that i should wear a mask when i go to my local healthfood store. they have a pizza oven in their open kitchen, so it got me thinking that there is airborne flour there always. has anyone ever had to go to such extremes to deal with DH??
I'm so sick of hearing ppl on the forum say "i'm so sensative", but they brag they eat out several times a week.
I went to PF Changs @ 6 months ago, and ordered just chicken, and spinich, with nothing, no sauce, no salt, and i got glutened, and they are supposed to be conscious about gluten-free.
I'm also thinking about wearing gloves when i go out in public. is this crazy, or is it a realistic strategy at this point?? i already avoid touching rails, doorknobs, elevator buttons, and use my shirt, so why just not wear gloves??

have ppl ever had to go to such lengths to get rid of this?? I am so burned out, i am willing to do anything, this is really debilitating. I'm glad that i feel like my gut is healing for the most part, and my mood had gotten much better over the last year, and i have 100% faith that being gluten free is the answer, but do i need to go further to make sure i avoid even a molecule of this gluten crap??

Keep Punching, Joe.

09 March 2011 - 02:11 PM

Hi, everyone.
I haven't been around here at all lately, and i will explain why.
even though everyone on the Forums here have helped me so immensely, i can't even express my gratitude enough,
I really needed a break.
It was like it was becoming literally a matter of survival for me over the last 6 months, learning how to cope with what i learned is full blown celiac/ dermatitas herpitiformis, with heaps of symptoms.
I felt like I had absorbed enough here, with everyones help, to try to bear down, and settle into this new lifestyle for the time being.
the thing was, that while coming here everyday was great, and rewarding,
I was constantly viewing everything from a sick persons perspective, and feeling increasingly loomed over by my condition.
every interaction i had, had to revolve around celiac, and it was getting overwhelming.
I've always been a negative person (starting to figure out why), and i was starting to worry that i could'nt afford to slip into feeling negatively about
myself, and always seeing myself as this sick person, and wearing it as an identity.
I'm not blaming anyone but myself, but my obsessiveness about learning about celiac, and dealing with it, i was starting to view as an actual threat to my survival.
sounds crazy?
I was doing catering over a year ago, when i learned that it was suicide for me to even be around gluten,
and quit.
As I went totally gluten-free, as in no eating out/ risk of CC, no dairy, no grains, I started to feel even sicker for quite a while,
and went through @ a 6 week period of being borderline bed ridden from exhaustion.
I would'nt have been able to work, even if i had a job.
I've been starting out in a new career now, because i have to, so just wanted to have a new phase, and keep my chin up as much as i can.
hope this makes sense.
have any of you experienced ppl gone through this kind of thing??
One thing I've noticed, is that i have been becoming more able to tell if i get slightly glutened, theres an ache in my hip, and my dermatitas herpetiformis flares up; i get testy, and snappy.
or if i get glutened, it's much more extreme.

I was going to post this in the DH forum, but one huge thing, that i've been struggling with is the DH on my scalp.
about 3 months ago, it was nearly gone, and i was so psyched. I have photos i take w/ my phone, and it was about 10% of what it had been, and it wasn't the stinging pain from hell.
I really thought i was in the home stretch this time, for real, after giving up hope so many times.
and then, somehow, it comes back with a vengence,
and i'm not doing anything that i was'nt before?
I order my soap/ bodycare products from gluten-free savonnerie,
I don't use anything w/ iodine, supplements, seafood, non-kosher salt,
I don't eat any processed or packaged foods at all.
only meat, and vegetables, preferably ones with skins (sweet potatoes, acorn squash, carrots) so i can feel safe no gluten has snuck inside. LOL.
I've even limited fruit to a pear, or apple in a salad, so the fructose impact is'nt too much.
I used to be a super fruit junky.
I'm really doing everything i can think of, besides wearing gloves when i go out in public, or handle cash.
and now, i'm starting to think i should do that , because i just can't think of anything else.

Dr. Peter Green pointed out in his book that DH will just flare up unpredictably, and that it can take years to finally go away.
I hope that this is why i'm still struggling,
but honestly, i feel like Joe Frasier sometimes,
like i'm fighting a fight that i can't win.

I feel so much better, and am doing better in so many ways, thanks to being gluten-free, so i know I should'nt complain.
But the nightmare of the DH makes me forget about all the other problems that i had, that are 90% + better now sometimes.

Thorne Vitamins And Supplements

06 November 2010 - 09:08 AM

I randomly met a nutritionist yesterday who mentioned to me that a lot of vitamins and supplements actually have trace amounts of gluten, even though it might say 'no gluten' on the label. She claimed Thorne products are truly free of gluten, and the company was commited to keeping gluten sensative people safe from it.

Does anyone use them, or is anyone familiar with Thorne?
I'm starting to worry that my supplements have trace amounts of gluten
I don't or eat anything packaged, just meat, veggies and fruit, so vitamins are the only thing I ingest that is packaged, and now I'm not so sure how safe it is. The nutritionist said that most vitamins contain a starch that contains gluten even if it claims 'no gluten'
I have dermatitas herpetiformis and really need to eliminate any exposure to gluten I may have.
I already order my soap through the mail that's from a company that is commited to protecting us gluten free people, so if Thorne checks out, I may be ordering that too!

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