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In Topic: Mcdonalds Must Read

17 March 2010 - 11:36 PM

McDonalds fries = gluten free
McDonalds burgers = gluten free (without bun)
Soda = gluten free
Value Meal = Fries + Burger + Soda

Therefore, McDonalds is gluten free

But when you think about it, the Mcdonald's itself is just waiting to destroy your intestines more than the gluten haha.

In Topic: Vegetarian & Celiac

17 March 2010 - 11:31 PM

Hello everyone, my name's Emma.
I'm 15 years old and in about May of this year I started getting a rash when I ate the majority of foods (the noted ones being bread and noodles :P). I work in a pet shop and so I see many dogs with intolerances to gluten so this was one of the first things that came to mind.
I've been a vegetarian since I was about 4 and so far this had never caused any problems, my diet had been healthy enough but I was really dependent on pasta, noodles and that sort of food.
I haven't been diagnosed with celiac disease, because I'm literally terrified of needles, but basically when I don't eat gluten I don't have a rash, when I do eat it I get a rash, so you get the point.
The doctor won't refer me to a dietician because I won't get bloods done, regardless of the fact that research I have done says that these tests are sometimes inconclusive.
To be honest I'm finding it very difficult to stick to what I'm allowed and sometimes I'll see a really nice looking piece of proper bread or something and eat it :(. The gluten free bread is horrible.
It's leaving me very weak and I'm picking up every illness going round, at the minute I'm lying in bed with a tummy bug. I'm missing a lot of school because of it :(.
So does anyone have any advice on coping with it? And should I be taking supplements or anything?

Oh, I am actually vegan. I have been a celiac since I've been in 5th grade. But I have been diagnosed just about 2 weeks ago. And don't be scared about the needles. Believe me, its either get one needle now or hundreds as your life goes on. There was plenty of time when I ended up in the emergency room due to my abdominal pain. The best thing you should do is just get the tests done. I actually needed to get put to sleep and get a sample of my intestine. I'm not sure why they had me do that instead of a blood test. But I would have highly preferred that way more. I am finding it difficult to maintain the celiac diet as well. There's always some fresh bread at my house. Or some kind of dessert laying around that I am dying to eat. But trust me, in about a week or so, you will feel SOO much better. So much healthier. Oh and for vitamins, I just take a miltivitamin. And a joint vitamin, but thats for a different purpose haha. Feel free to message me if you would like to know me or anything. I'm always researching! Goodluck!! :D

In Topic: College Life

17 March 2010 - 11:23 PM

I am fairly new to all of this. I was some what aware of what Celiac and eatting gluten-free were before, but only diagnosed officially with Celiac on Monday. I am hoping to start back up with college this spring semester. I am just going to take a class or two and make sure I am ok before I go back to the dorm life style and all. I want to know how you guys eat while at school/college. IT will be easier commuting because I can bring food from home, but what about when I go back to dorms. Also what kinds of make up/face stuff do you use, I been using some and getting rashes....doc said they prolly have some form of gluten in them. Make up, I usually get what ever is on sale or I have a coupon for. I use Clinque for face stuff, and their Happy perfume. Shampoos I get whats on sale. Living on a tight budget, so cheaper brands are perfered here, but willing to spend more for my health.

In addition to Celiac, I am a type 1 diabetic, have asthma (dx this past august), adrenal insufficiency/addisons disease, and hypothyroidism.

Personally, make-up and products along those lines don't bother me. It's only when I ingest food or liquid that contains gluten. The college I will be soon attending actually has a store that has vegan, organic and gluten free food. Otherwise, you should just really look around and read all your labels. I would recommend just buying something at your local grocery store and storing it in your dorm, maybe you have a mini fridge? It would help. Just a suggestion. I normally would just snack on fruits or some kind of granola bars. Just do some researching on some sugar & gluten free food. You would probably find quite a lot. :D Goodluck

In Topic: Test Say Positive/No Symptoms ?

17 March 2010 - 11:15 PM

My 13 yr old sons labs came back low positive but he has no symptoms should he still go on a gluten diet??

Even if he has no symptoms. I actually had to the opposite.
I used to eat gluten and bread all the time. The doctors would test me, nothing would come up. But I would have severe abdominal pain. Now, 5 years later, after eating so much more gluten, my body is completely down. I am getting more health problems since I did not find out that I am a celiac earlier. I am constantly nauseous and always tired. I am very young as well. So that should say a lot. Since he did test positive, get him into the regimen ASAP.

In Topic: For The "real" Teens

17 March 2010 - 11:09 PM

hi guys. i was just wondering where you guys are all from. everyone seems to be like from the east and i don't know anyone around the west with it. i live in idaho. so where do u guys live? just thought i would ask


Wisconsin! xD
the cheese state. with lots of bakeries. O.O

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