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Member Since 18 Mar 2010
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New And A Gluten An-Pep Enzyme Question

21 March 2010 - 09:32 PM

Hi All,

I'm new and im the process of getting tested for a myriad of issues. And symptoms wise i definitely do worse intestinally when i eat gluten. but sometimes when i have crackers it doesnt really bother me. Bread or pasta does however. I was wondering if someone could tell me what the difference between gluten intolerance/sensitivity is with full blown celiac's disease? Are they the same? I looked online and they always pair the two together but from what i understand there are people that do not have celiac disease but still cannot eat gluten because it causes problems. How do you know which one you have? blood tests and biopsy? symptoms wise?

Secondly, i did a search but the most recent thread i found regarding this matter was from 08. In 2007, there was an article released describing an enzyme that was 60 fold quicker in breaking down gluten than a previous enzyme that was researched and it was done so with high stability and in the stomach pH. It said that gluten is broken down in 4 minutes in the acidic pH. The enzyme is called AN-PEP, which is different than the DPP-IV found in most gluten enzymes such as Glutenease by enzymedica. Currently i only found one product that has it called Gluten guard by trimedica.

Obviously staying gluten free would be the most ideal way but for those who are gluten sensitive, it may help?

thank you!

New, Young, Very Very Sick

19 March 2010 - 12:44 AM


i'm 23 and i am extremely sick and have 0 diagnosis after $25k in debt after insurance, 20 doctors, specialists all over from UCLA and cedar sinai. I'm currently still working with them to find out what's wrong.

Basically, ONE of the aspects of my health among many, is gastrointestinal problems. I've been dealing with medium inflammation for 3-4 years on and off that would be aggravated with things like alcohol, yeast products, whey protein, etc. But otherwise, i was doing good, normal formed bowel movements on the dot everyday. However after a course of antibiotics and a flareup of bacteria/yeast, i have never been the same. i can't eat anything, ive developed food sensitivities and bloat up after every meal. I get weird dull pains and a sense of fullness in my small intestines.
I have so many question and confusions. I need to be at least functional and walking again agh.

ive had the gliadin ab test done and it was 5. which is low. you need at least 15 to be positive. but my SIgA was deficient.
My doctor wrote me a lab prescription to get tTG Antibody IgA tested but from what i read, that won't be accurate either and can yield false negative because i have iga deficiency.

Should i ask him to also get tTG IgG as well? both? none?
What about ELISA IgG food allergy tests that test your blood IgG and IgE reactions to gluten? Is that useful for celiacs or is that only for gluten allergy/sensitivity type?

I've been on a very relaxed "gluten free" diet ...eating some gluten in crackers but not wheat or any of those types.. will my test be sensitive or do i need to start eating wheat bread for a week before i test?

Is celiac's curable permanently? are there any members (even rarely) that have been cured of celiacs and been able to eat gluten after their gut has healed, etc?

a lot has been running through my mind. any help appreciated. low money and energy. thank you

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