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Test Results

07 April 2011 - 05:36 PM

My son-in-law has been sick for several months...he actually started getting tested around the same time as me... last back in Sept. or Oct.

He was tested for celiac in November of last year by the same GI group that I went to who said IBS...Intestinal B--- S---. Sorry, but it just means there is something there but they don't know what it is. My GI didn't do/find anything but my M.D. did.

Anyway, back to my son-in-law.

Here were his test results. They did not give him actual numbers so he really has no way of knowing how close to the normal range he was/wasn't.

Test Results Range
Reticulin IgA Autoabs <1:10 titer <1:10 titer
Endomysial IgA Autoabs <1:10 titer <1:10 titer
Gliadin IgG Abs (HIGH) 14.7 U/mL <10.0 U/mL
Gliadin IgA Abs <5.0 U/mL <5.0 U/mL

Results from other tests:
Grade I nonerosive esophagitis of the distal esophagus
Duodenitis of the distal duodenal bulb

Colitis of the rectum (What is colitis of the rectum? Isn't colitis colitis???)
Moderate non-bleeding internal hemorrhoids
Mild to moderate systemic disturbance that may or may not be related to the disorder requiring surgery (???)

I have other test results from him as well but don't know if they would be helpful...CBC and others

He has upper, mid, and lower stomach pain, indigestion, back pain, digestive issues including constipation and diarrhea. He has tried to do without dairy, wheat, etc. but without a doctor giving him any answers, he hasn's stayed with any of it long enough. He has been off dairy again for about a week and is getting ready to try to get off gluten. He's trying to get an appointment with my M.D. but he didn't have any openings until the end of May. I'm trying to see if he has any openings sooner.

Sorry this is so long but I am trying to help him figure out what is going on. While I have no clue if he may have celiac, his symptoms (didn't list them all) sound so much like the all the symptoms I had and still have at times.

Would greatly appreciate your thoughts and advice!


Help With Test Results Please

28 November 2010 - 05:49 PM

Hello, I posted this a couple days ago but I think I posted in the wrong category. I've been reading from this site and forum for several months but never posted here before.

Please see my post below. In addition, I didn't mention that on Thanksgiving Day, after preparing dinner but before even serving it, I began having horrible stomach cramps and spent the rest of the evening either on the toilet with diarrhea or doubled over on the bed with the heating pad. I didn't eat anything that day but I did make cookies and other items that were not gluten free. I've read both that you can absorb gluten through your skin and I've also read it isn't absorbed through the skin. I have no idea. All I do know is something that day did me in and it wasn't anything I ate. I washed my hands after handling cookies, etc. Any help with this and my earlier post, below, is greatly appreciated.


Hi, This is my first post here. I've had 'issues' for some time and May 2010 I found this and other sites and began eating gluten free. Something happened during vacation in August...not sure what. When we came back, I went to my PCP who suggested a these tests for Celiac. Considering I had been gluten free and basically dairy free for the previous 3 1/2 months, I realize the blood work would not be as accurate as if I'd been eating normal up to this point. After coming home and feeling so badly, I ate a patty-melt from Steak and shake...bad, I know but it was sooooo good. :)

He ran a LOT of other tests including vitamin and other areas. He also ran the H-Pylori test. He said both the celiac and the h-pylori came back positive. I was on a two week treatment for the H-Pylori (which I could only continue for ten days...should have quit earlier due to the more serious side effects but I thought I had to complete it...pcp said to stop).

Still feeling really bad...never been anywhere near to the good health/feeling while eating gluten-free before vacation. He referred me for a consult with a GI and that appt is this week.

Can anyone tell me what the results below look like? I have seen so many different results, tests, and ranges on the net so I am just confused.

Name Value Reference Range
IgA Total, Serum 135.70 66.00-436.00
Tissue Transglutaminase IgA Ab 1 0-15
Gliadin IgA Antibodies 18 0-15
Gliadin IgG Abs 18 0-15

GI tests may consist of breath test for H-pylori, endoscopy for ulcers and celiac, and possibly colonoscopy. That's my guess. Any advice about what I should ask or request?


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