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Member Since 09 Apr 2010
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Topics I've Started

Asian Market Rice Flours

28 December 2010 - 07:19 PM

I have found that my nearest Asian market carries 2 brands of rice flour -- Flying Horse and Erawan -- and I am seeking any personal experience testimonials people can offer comparing the two. Specifically, do you believe one makes a moister final baked good or one that lasts longer before going stale? Have you had a gluten reaction from either one (shouldn't be a problem for either based on ingredients, but never know...)?

Looking at the package info, they both contain "rice flour, water" as the ingredients. The nutrition panel for Flying Horse indicates 2g of dietary fiber while Erawan claims 0g, and FH has 200 calories per serving while Erawan has 110 (same serving size).

I have done some baking with each, and in the few cases where I have used each on the same recipe, I don't think I have noticed a taste or texture difference, but I'd like more than just my own opinion!

Any input?

BTW -- I am NOT talking about the sweet rice flour or glutinous rice flour products. I have selected the Mochiko brand as my brand of choice for that and am happy with the price and outcomes I have had with it so I don't intend to keep messing with various brands for that ingredient, I don't think. (Feel free to convince me otherwise if I'm wrong, though!)

Reaction To Quinoa Flakes?

30 August 2010 - 06:41 PM

I had discovered Quinoa Flakes on the breakfast cereal aisle of Whole Foods a little while back (like 2-3 months ago). When I followed the package directions, it was something like an oatmeal, though with a slightly different texture, so I was pretty pleased with it. I have made it with brown sugar every time (I like sweet oatmeal...) and sometimes mixed in small chunks of banana after cooking or small chunks of apple before cooking (so they get softer) with great tasting results!

But about a week and a half ago, I ate the banana version for breakfast with my cup coffee and about 20 minutes later felt like the coffee was burning a hole in my stomach-- it hurt like drinking a very strong cup on an empty stomach sometimes can. I was sick for about half a day, with gut cramps and general feelings of malaise. Never threw up and eventually it subsided and I went on with my day. At the time, I figured it was probably a sensitive stomach reaction to the coffee for some reason. Over the next week, I ate a variety of breakfasts, always with coffee (I like 2 cups over the course of the morning) with no problems. Then exactly one week after the first incident, I decided on quinoa flakes (banana version again) for breakfast again. Half an hour later, SAME symptoms and like before, it was over by about 1 pm. So either I'm reacting to the breakfast or to Friday mornings... :)

I can eat bananas alone, so I don't think it's that, and I can drink coffee every day with no regular problems (and I make it at home with the same proportions every day so it shouldn't vary in acidity or strength). It's a bummer that I have reacted this way to quinoa b/c even wheat didn't do that to be before (I'm a silent celiac except for anemia). Is it a good assumption that I would now react this way to regular quinoa (as opposed to flakes)? Not sure it's worth the painful hours to try it out, but... Anyone else had similar issues with quinoa ever?

Oh -- and it's the same original box (I've only ever bought the one box b/c it's just me eating it), so I don't think there's any issue with contamination since it didn't cause me problems earlier and no one else in my family even opens the box!

New Symptoms?

23 June 2010 - 07:07 PM

I am now 2-1/2 months gluten-free. In the first 6 weeks, I managed to have NO mouth ulcers -- that is a HUGE deal in my world. A couple of weeks ago, one appeared inside my lower lip, but I thought it might be due to some irritation from an infrequently (and recently resumed) worn lower teeth retainer. Then just as that one healed, I got another one just inside my upper lip. No way to know whether these are symptoms of being glutened, but I do go to restaurants at least once a week and despite my best efforts to talk with the waiter and/or manager, I can't guarantee I haven't been exposed there.

But here's the weird new stuff -- also in the last couple of weeks, I've started experiencing pain in the joint at the base of my big toe on one foot. As is evident from my username, I do martial arts, so I figured I might have jammed it or bruised something (and I've had it checked out by an orthopedist who said it was a mildly arthritic joint and gave me an injection in it -- ouch, btw). But should I be looking at this as a celiac / gluten exposure symptom?

Finally, for the past 2-3 mornings, I've awakened with a terrible headache. I'm fairly certain I have not gotten gluten in those days b/c I'm cooking for myself and I clean every surface before doing anything in my kitchen in case someone else left gluten crumbs around. It's possible I have some level of sleep apnea (still need to do that sleep study...) but I don't know for sure and now I see that headaches are also a symptom for many.

Why did I go and get this disease with so many possible symptoms that I could attribute almost anything I experience to it, rightly or wrongly???

Anyone have any thoughts on what I should make of these things? I am not sure I truly trust the average doctor to know enough about celiac to make a connection or rule one out for me in any definitive sense!


Fava Bean Flour Substitute

30 May 2010 - 07:38 PM

I've read that bean flours tend to give at least the batter (and possible the final product) a slightly beany flavor. This is not a huge problem for gluten-free flour tortillas, since I'll mostly use them for mexican food, but I don't currently have that on hand and I have so many flours in my house at this point it's getting ridiculous. I found a recipe for gluten-free flour tortillas on the Living Without website that calls for these flours:

1 cup white rice flour
⅓ cup potato starch
⅓ cup tapioca flour
⅓ cup fava bean flour

Any suggestions on what might work to sub for the fava bean flour? In addition to the other 3 flours listed, I have brown rice flour, mochiko (sweet rice flour) and sorghum flour, as well as Hodgson Mill all purpose flour and Pamela's baking mix on hand. Seems like I ought to be able to get away with using something else for just 1/3 cup (it's only 1/6 of the total flour-like content!)

French/italian Bread Pan

25 May 2010 - 02:26 PM

I'm about to buy a french or italian bread pan (don't want a skinny baguette one -- looking for the 4" wide kind). Some are perforated and some are solid. The perforated ones are billed as letting air flow and making a crisper crust, which seems like a nice feature for a bread like this. But gluten-free doughs are so often soft that I'm wondering if I'm going to have a problem with the dough kinda glopping through the holes and making a mess (and a funny shaped surface that is more likely to burn and such).

Does anyone have experience with either variety and can you recommend one over the other for me? It's just not right to make a french-bread tasting loaf in a square-bottom traditional bread pan -- shape and texture mismatch messes with my mind! :)

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