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In Topic: Antigliadin Iga Results After 3 Years Strictly Gluten-Free

13 June 2012 - 09:20 AM

In truth, I would recommend you go off ALL processed foods and grains and eat a diet of only whole foods that you can be sure are 100% gluten-free. In particular, strictly eliminate corn as if it were a gluten grain as it's starting to look like corn can be a problem for some celiacs. I assume you're not eating gluten-free oats? Quite a few celiacs react to oats as a gluten grain. A strict elimination tends to be more useful/accurate than fecal testing.

Good to know, thanks. I'm already off all oats but I do eat organic gluten-free bread, rice, quinoa and must admit, I have a sweet tooth (I love dark chocolate and sometimes indulge in gluten-free cake!). I would say that my diet is mostly organic wholefoods but by no means 100% and I consume grains, including organic corn and small amounts of soy (e.g. in chocolate or tamari). I also have not tried going off nightshades (as I've seen mentioned here by many).

The reason that I haven't yet got stricter with my diet is that there are days (sometimes even a week or so) when I am not having these episodes, whilst consuming organic almond milk, brown rice... But perhaps I am experiencing a delayed reaction?

Also, I did try an elimination diet, eating only fish and vegetables for around a week, but I couldn't get my system to 'settle' before introducing other foods. Things didn't get worse when I introduced grains (quinoa and rice). What is the idea behind eliminating all grains? Is it helpful for many celiacs?

If you're dead-set on testing, I'd get both TTG and anti-gliadin. The anti-gliadin is prone to false positives but you might find it helpful to have as confirmation if the TTG is high.

No, I'd happily save the money... I mostly just wanted to know what my recent test results really meant. Thanks!

In Topic: Low Cholesterol Or Low Cortisol

13 June 2012 - 09:08 AM

I was feeling a little "off" so I went in for a routine physical. Initial blood test for TSH came in at 0.05 and subsequent blood test showed TSH of 0.02, slightly elevated T4, moderately elevated T3, and further indicated elevated TPO antibodies and elevated TSH receptor antibodies. Thyroid ultrasound showed significant abnormal activity. Diagnosis autoimmune hyperthyroidism a/k/a Graves Disease. Your numbers look good but perhaps your doctor will order up the thyroid antibodies tests just to rule it out for sure... good luck.

Thanks for sharing... I looked over symptoms for the different forms of thyroidism and it doesn't seem to really align with my symptoms but I will perhaps see whether the doctor recommends getting an thyroid ultrasound done (as I have had the strange sensations in that area). I'm also waiting for a 'hormone test (saliva samples over 30 days)' so perhaps that is more sensitive than the blood-work. Thanks again.

In Topic: Low Cholesterol Or Low Cortisol

12 June 2012 - 10:31 PM

My total cholesterol plummeted to 119 (normal range 140-199) around the same time my Graves hyperthyroidism kicked into full gear. My HDL was down to 23 (normal 40-135). My doctor retested about 5 months later once we had my thyroid stabilized and my total cholesterol had returned to a more normal 173 and HDL was back up to 55. He said this scenario was fairly typical with hyperthyroidism, but now I cannot remember why. Since autoimmune thyroidism shows up sometimes with celiac, this might be something to consider. Not sure about the cortisol, we did not track that number... Good luck.

Thanks a lot for sharing. How was your hyperthyroidism diagnosed?

I did have a couple of thyroid function measurements done in this recent blood test. My TSH was 1.73 mU/L (normal range: 0.3-4.5) and 'free' T4 was 1.00 ng/dL (normal range: 0.7-1.8). I have recently had a subtle but noticeable sensation in my neck around where I think the thyroid is... Haven't really given it too much attention though.

This doctor (that I'm going to see again in a few days) mentioned that he suspected that some kind of thyroid issue may be occurring even though the last blood results were in the normal range (can't remember if he said hypo or hyper though). However, I don't think that I'm displaying that many of the symptoms for either. He suggested that I could take a natural thyroid supplement (pig hormones?) without further testing but that it could make things worse if it is not correct. But that we would know pretty quickly if that was the case... I'll ask him about the connection with the cholesterol for sure!

Thanks again.

In Topic: Antigliadin Iga Results After 3 Years Strictly Gluten-Free

11 June 2012 - 09:24 PM

"Fecal Anti-tissue Transglutaminase IgA: 13 Units"

TTG stands for Tissue TransGlutaminase. :)

Makes sense! :D

And you would recommend doing a repeat of that test to determine whether gluten contamination could be the source of my symptoms?


In Topic: Anyone Experienced Anti-Gliadin Iga Go Down Once Gluten-Free?

11 June 2012 - 09:20 PM

No, I mean you went to the trouble to type out all your Enterolab results in the other thread. It's handy to be able to scroll up and see all the great details you've provided, especially for those of us who are more science-minded! :)

Makes sense! Thanks for the tips...

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