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Member Since 17 Apr 2010
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#605097 I Want Them To Be Wrong!

Posted by on 17 April 2010 - 06:20 AM

Hi from New Zealand, I to had no symptoms like bloating, stomach pains. My blood test was neg and this was done because my iron was very low even after the cancer was removed and they thought it would rise but it didn't. I would not have known that as I felt good and healthy BUT my biopsy in 2004 was positive. I went straigh gluten free and stayed gluten-free for three years.I did a gluten challenge while on holiday in Italy in 2007, only have a bit of past came home and had a biopsy again and it was positive again. I did this gluten challenge because I felt so well compared to some people I have read about. Since then I have stayed totally gluten free. You know you do not need any out ward symptoms to have Celiac Disease but it can be a silent killer. I had bowel / rectal cancer with radio therapy ever day for seven weeks and chemo therapy 24/7 for the same time to shrink the cancer which it did then for my 50th birthday, in April 2002, and four weeks after my last radiotherapy had an operation, re arranging my body, and am now an Ostomate, I have a colostomy bag FOR EVER not reversible. So please take being a Celiac very serious. Meat and vegetables and fruit and everything in as close to natural state as possible, it is so much easier to eat at home. Yes I know eating out is a big pain. I went back to Italy and Switzerland in 2008 and as a Celiac it was not easy. After ordering gluten-free in restaurants and ending up eating salad till it came out my ears I started to eat salads at MacDonalds, were they are so nice there in Italy, and did not have to go through all the special ordering hassles. I am heading back to Paris in two weeks and over to Switzerland, with my husband and youngest son,so I am not looking forward to eating out all the time. One time when I was wondering if it was worth all the hassle a good friend, a Prof in Immunology, asked me 'Do you want to relive the last five years of your life' WELL I DID NOT. so there was my answer.I got diagnosed at 52 years old. Yes there were heaps of symptoms for me if I really think about it, infertility the big one, seven year gaps between children, one child, our daughter, died at birth and our last child was born when I was 43 and half years old. How pleased we were to have him our third child. Most desert and cake recipes can easily be adapted. Sadly the body seems to add other things to the list of things you can not eat, like spicy foods, ice cream etc but they are not life threatening I don't think. All the best to you and you choices.
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