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Any Experience With Ultra Clear Plus "medical Food Product"?

29 June 2010 - 11:13 AM

Hi - I'm wondering if anyone has any experience (or info) about a medical "food product" called Ultra Clear Plus. My allergy doctor has offered it (in combination with a rotation/elimination diet) as an option to help with my growing food sensitivities and related symptoms. It's supposed to help with detoxification and healing.

I'm willing to try it, but haven't found much info online about it one way or the other. The doctor I see belongs to a reputable practice that specializes in allergies, diet and chronic/autoimmune diseases, and so on. They use a blend of traditional and "alternative" approaches, and I'm inclined to trust them on this, but would feel better if I had more information from medical sources and/or people who've been through this before.

Any thoughts much appreciated!

A little more about my situation: was dx with Celiac about 6 months ago (symptoms were primarily neurological rather than digestive). At the same time was dx with subclinical Hashimoto's, but the endocrinologist said that the TSH (2-3 range) didn't warrant treatment. Have been gluten free since then, and many/most symptoms have resolved. But since going gluten-free I've developed a growing list of food sensitivities and intolerances, including dairy, egg, nightshades, garlic, and fermented foods (vinegar, wine, etc.). I've been tired and have had some joint and muscle pain, skin has continued to thin, etc, etc. Allergy doc ordered more bloodwork including another TSH.

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