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In Topic: Gluten-free Dining In Northern Virginia

29 May 2010 - 05:44 AM

Thanks for the info. What he said could apply to any restaurant anywhere. If they pick up rolls and place them in a bread basket, and then make your salad without changing their gloves, you're contaminated. I have to travel on a 3 week business trip next January and I'm already losing sleep thinking about it! Guess I'll load up on medicine and hope for the best. I'll pack lots of those tuna and chicken pouches and rice cakes and peanut butter. Imagine being in New Orleans and eating peanut butter! :P

What medicine do you use to control your symptoms? This is the first time I've heard of anyone actually saying anything about medication!

In Topic: Washington, Dc

29 May 2010 - 05:33 AM

Ted's Montana Grill was really great and have a gluten-free menu. The one I went to was in Crystal City (Arlington) and is a very short walk from the metro. I know this may not apply to the original poster but it may apply to those still looking lol

BTB, does anyone know if you can get to that Lilith Cafe from the DC metro? I am living in Crystal City / interning in DC for the summer and both were right off the metro so I didn't feel the need to have a car with me.

In Topic: Ted's Montana Grill.

28 May 2010 - 06:12 PM

I ate at the Ted's Montana Grill here in Crystal City today and it was AMAZING. I've had the flu the last couple of days and wasn't sure what I was going to be able to stomach but seeing as how my Uncle and I are from New Mexico (where 1.2 million acres of his 2 million acre estate is located), he thought he would take me there. [Bison (buffalo, whatever) is amazing if you've never tried it. Bison dogs have a strange texture but are so much better tasting than regular hot dogs. It's got more protein and way less fat than beef with a gamier taste and deeper brown. Anyway...]

I was a little relieved to find out that the majority of the menu is almost instantaneously made gluten-free because, well, they mostly serve burgers. Burger sans bun equals awesome. When I inquired after the chili, I started to ask about wheat and our waitress knew RIGHT AWAY that I was thinking of gluten and rushed off to get me a gluten-free menu! XD Even though it's not listed, their chili is gluten-free and, yes, it is delicious. I also had their mushroom, swiss and sourcream burger. I have never eaten a more tender burger in the food world in my life. I didn't need a knife to cut it, the meat without the other ingredients was amazing, and they stacked the garnish off to the side like a mini salad. The fries are also gluten-free and, I will add, fresh-cut and fresh-cooked. Extremely delicious! I am quite jealous of Crystal City having a Ted's and not New Mexico! A million times better than anything you would eat at Fuddruckers or Texas Steak House. Normally I don't praise a restaurant (I'm like the Darcy of Restaurants lol [I only look at a restaurant to see it's faults]) but everything was amazing. I'm not even upset that we had to ask for napkins twice because she was trying to figure out for another customer the best directions to get to the highway! I'll be sending in my rave reviews to them to let them know that they're awesome and to keep up the good work!

I also want to give them props because when you order chile they ask you "green [chile] or bowl [chili]". They have a NM burger that comes with a FRESH--not canned--piece. XD x10^10 I can't even get that response in Texas!

PS - Here is their online gluten-free menu http://www.tedsmonta...luten_free.html . The chili wasn't listed on that list but she talked to the chef and he doesn't use any thickener in the chili.

In Topic: Mcdonalds Must Read

28 May 2010 - 05:59 PM

The McDonald's in ABQ vary greatly not only in service but in the meaning of "no bun". I've given up going there, especially after the last time I went. My brother went to get dinner for the family and ordered it without the bun. It even said on the receipt "no bun" and it not only came with that, but with mayo that shouldn't have been on the burger in the first place. As some of you know, some commercial mayo is made with non-descript modified food starch. They got a very, very nasty e-mail from me tonight letting them know how upset I am with them.

Also, all McD's here fry their fries with the chicken nuggets in the same baskets and fryers.

Thought I would give an update since I have posted in like eight or so places about my disdain from them. Not only did I get the standard chain-reply, but I ended up getting an e-mail from the regional manager, the owner of the particular McDonald's, AND the general manager of the McDonald's in question. I gave them hell about the return of symptoms, this, that, and the other and they were excessively apologetic. They also replaced the ENTIRE meal for free. The manager made it himself and also offered me free apple pies for the rest of my family. I was very pleased to also find out that the location on Juan Tabo and Lomas (the McD in question) has dedicated fryers because of complaints from others who are gluten-free. Not sure that I'll go there all the time but it's nice to know that I have something resembling of an option open. My other choices are Taco Bell (who has gluten in their meat, for crying out loud), Carl's Jr. (farthest), and Wendy's (not as fresh as they claim). This probably makes me sound like a picky eater but I can't tell you how many days I've spent at home because of being glutened ranging everywhere from unable to get up from the toilet to being so malnourished as to be unable to get out of bed.

In Topic: Modified Food Starch?

28 May 2010 - 05:25 PM

I was told by someone whom I trust completely that if a product is made in USA and it says modified food starch, it is corn, unless otherwise stated.

I wouldn't listen to that. I had Cool Whip with Modified Food Starch and wished it had killed me because I was throwing up and swollen for a week.

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