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Member Since 03 May 2010
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#635242 Bad Gas Bad Life

Posted by on 27 August 2010 - 10:17 PM

Hi everyone
My problem is GASES !!!!!!!!! HORRIBLE GASES .. its soooooo embarrassing that I cannot do anything in my life ! I cant study or work because I just cant sit in one place without passing gas ! My life is completely ruined and nobody gets it even my family! I had to drop out of college and leave my friends :( I have no social life .. no career .. nothing!
I have this problem since 8 months now ! I saw many doctors and all of them told me I have IBS they just thought that I have emotional problems and depression! But one of them asked me to try dairy free diet then do lactose tolerance test. So I tried the diet for 4 days and havenít noticed any change so I ignored him. Then I did so many tests and endoscopies and everything was fine!. At last I got so depressed so I went to do the lactose tolerance test and the doctor told me that I have celiac disease and I canít drink or eat anything that contain milk and gluten! I was so happpppppy to finally know what causes all these gases, stomach pain, diarrhea, weight loss and anemia. He asked me to go on lactose and gluten free diet so Iíve been on this diet for 5 days now and I feel a little bit better but the gases are still the same. Well maybe less but still there!!!! The doctor told me that it will all go away within 2 days! Iím so worried about it. I hate food and I donít wanna eat anything! I just eat rice, chicken or fish and potatoes. Thatís it!
I really wanna go back to my golden days :í( .. Do you think I will get better with this diet? Am I missing something? HELP I want my life baaaaaack :(

I, too, had terrible gas! For a female, my entire life, I always said, "I have gas like a male!" It was bad! Then, I began, in my late 40's, having stomach aches, diarrhea, etc. I had 2 relatives with celiac sprue disease so I was, at least, aware of it. I went lactose free and found a lot of my gas problems went away. Still, the stomach aches and diarrhea, horrible diarrhea, remained. Finally, I went gluten free and that is when my problems abated. Within 3 or 4 weeks, I no longer had gas or diarrhea! I was elated! I tell anyone who has any type of problem to, please, not give up! Keep trying different diet combinations until you find one that works for you. Overnight, I went from eating gluten-laden foods to being entirely gluten free. It's certainly not easy but doable. Just stick with it - the rewards are worth it! Good luck for you!
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