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In Topic: Get The 'shivers'

04 December 2012 - 08:31 AM

2 questions for everyone. My 6 year old daughter is on a gluten free trial right now that we started 3 weeks ago. My first question is that she was having behavioral issues in school with talking, not paying attention, very anxious, and arguing. Each day they can have an outstanding day, great day, good day, think about it day, or parent contact. She has had 1 outstanding day in 3 months and many parent contact and think about it days. The teacher thought she may have ADHD and we were considering seeing someone about that. I am diagnosed gluten intolerant and told my wife we should try gluten free first. Well in the last 3 weeks she has had many outstanding days including 3 of the last 4, she is less anxious at home and listens much better. How many of you noticed a sharp contrast in behavior with your children? My other question is that she shared a snack with a friend at school the other day and I got a call from school saying she had a fever and the chills or 'shivers' as my daughter called them. I told the nurse about her food trial she was on and this was the first time in over 2 weeks she had ate gluten and she didn't think gluten could cause a fever and chills. Anyone have experience that it can? Thanks.

Hi, I sometimes get flu-like symptoms, swolen glands, achy, tired and a bit feverish if I accidentally ingest gluten. I think it's an immune response, the body trying to fight the initial invasion. Hope this helps!

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