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Member Since 19 Jan 2005
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In Topic: Is There Such Thing As A Gf Marshmallow?

22 February 2005 - 01:21 PM

Hi you guy's!!!!

Thank you very much for your help, I did purchase the Kraft brand and found Barbara's brand gluten-free rice crispies.

I have not had the time to make them yet, hopefully this weekend!

Thanks Stef for the list. Always nice to have bars for on the go.

Take care all :D


In Topic: Is There Such Thing As A Gf Marshmallow?

17 February 2005 - 01:06 PM

Thnks Richard!

Ok, I have to admit...The bag of marshmallows that I buy are store brand and they contain modified food starch. I just assumed that if the store brand did, they all did. :(

Geez, I remember my parents telling me as a kid..."whenever you assume things you make an *** out of you and me". lol They were right, I feel silly that I did not even bother to check the other brands.

I do use Crest, so I am ok. Thanks agaian :D


In Topic: Comprehensive Questionare-1 Of 2

17 February 2005 - 12:52 PM


I am still fairly new to this forum and for the most part, have felt very welcomed and happy to know that there are so many kind and understanding people who have been dealing with the same issues that I have been dealt. I am grateful to those of you who use this as a positive exchange as well not using this as a place to judge or scrutinize others.

In regards to Reds survey, I was surprised to see that there was some posts made that seem to have taken offense to what was asked. I am not sure why you seem offended or felt the need to comment in the negative fashion that was taken in your response. If you do not want to share,but why be so unnecessarily rude when it was presented as a choice survey?
As a new celiac who does not know allot but taking the time to learn and will continue to learn until the day I leave this earth, I am most grateful to people who have,who continue and are willing to learn to try and figure this thing out. It seems to me so far, that celiacs has been around for quite some time and any studies that have been made or will be made are a benefit in all of our cases. Therefore, I am happy to see such interest and again should stress that if you feel uncomfortable sharing your info that seems quite anonymous and harmless, then that is your choice, but I felt that it was unnecessary to come off rude to someone that is trying to learn how this effects each and every person. So many of us seem to have similar complaints where as others with celiacs have little to no symptoms at all. In my opinion, I find this all very interesting and would feel terrible if someone was made to feel disouraged or ashamed for a question or concern they may want to ask or share.

Sorry to have be so blunt, however, it just took me by such surprise that I could not help but stand up and speak.

Thank you,

In Topic: Citric Acid

15 February 2005 - 03:47 PM

I would be very surprised if citric acid was truly harmful to celiacs. :huh: I am a Mountain Dew fanatic and it so happens to contain citric acid. Although, I know it is one of the worst sodas out there for my body's sake :( , I have never had any reaction what so ever. Also, my dietician made it very clear that this was indeed safe for me to consume.

In Topic: I Tried It! Manna From Anna...

11 February 2005 - 01:57 PM

I too just got the manna from anna bread mix and reluctently tried it. I made mine in an old bread maker that was passed down my way a few years back and I am not really sure how to use it other than to put it on what ever bread type I am making, so to make this short, I just did my best :D . OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! :P I LOVED THIS SO MUCH!

I sound dramatic I know, however, I almost cried when I went to check on it during the rise cycle and saw it rising to "real bread" size! And the wonderful crust... I am so happy!

After it cooled, I slabbed a mound of butter on it and sat back and enjoyed. It truly is wonderful and in my opinion, very close to the "real thing".

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