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Member Since 19 Jan 2005
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Is There Such Thing As A Gf Marshmallow?

17 February 2005 - 12:01 PM

Hello everyone,

I am having the worst craving for "Rice Crispy bars" and have been on the mad search for marshmallows. I just can't seem to find any that happen to be gluten-free. :( Does anyone know of such a thing or a good substitute?

Also, I was told that I should change my toothpaste due to the fact that it possibly contains gluten, can you tell me what you use (gluten-free)?

Thank you for any help you can give!!!!!


Outback Steakhouse

20 January 2005 - 02:17 PM

My Diatician told me that she had contacted some local food chains in our area to see where I may possibly venture to and eat safely, this is what she found...

Outback Steakhouse- The wife of the creator of this famous chain has Celiacs, therefore, all chains offer a gluten-free menu.

Chicago Pizza- (check with your local chain) Told her that If I bring in my own pizza crust, they will make my pizza for me. (of course in a washed and safe prep area.)

McDonalds- Apparently their french fries are safe for us, they say they use a seperate fryer for their breaded foods, however, I am just not willing to chance it. Has anyone else tried them yet?

I have eaten at local places that offer a few gluten-free dishes, I ordered a salad with a vinegar dressing and brought my own crutons (ordered online at the glutenfree pantry) and did not feel quite right, so I am assuming it may have been contaminated.

So far they were the only ones available for me, how about the rest of you?

Great Egg Bread Recipe

20 January 2005 - 11:56 AM

I am pretty new to the gluten free diet, since being diag. in Sept. 2004.
Since being diagnosed I have been on the mission of searching for that bread alternative that would satisfy my need. I have tried several of the brands available and much to my dislike have began trying to bake my own. I have several (reg.) cookbooks that I have been experimenting with trying to alter them into gluten-free breads and work pretty good when I use cornstarch and potato starch in place of reg. self rising wheat flour. I find that Red Star Yeast works best and it is gluten-free. The corn & potato starch work wonders for flavor as well as giving a good texture.
Xanthan gum helps too, it is a bit expensive at certain places, yet, cheaper when ordered online. For those of you who suffer from the constipation problems Guar gum would be good (of course for those of you who can tolerate this) due to it's mild laxative effect.

I also just got a good cookbook from my mom for Christmas, it's "The Gluten Free Kitchen" by Roben Ryberg. For those of you who do not already have this one, I reccomend it highly. She has plenty of great recipes for all kinds of baked goods as well as dinners/appetizers etc..

For those of you who enjoy english muffins and have not already found a good alternative, I recently just ordered "Sterks" brand bagels, and they were so yummy, however, they were just like an english muffin in taste and texture...WONDERFUL!!!!!

Happy Baking to you all and good luck!!! :D

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