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In Topic: How Do Pregnant Women Stick To This Diet?

08 March 2013 - 03:00 PM

I went through my first two pregnancies undiagnosed too.  I needed fertility tx to conceive.  Both of my babies were born 5 weeks early in emergency c-sections due to pre-eclampsia, and I stayed sick for a long time after each birth.  Both kids had intrauterine growth restriction and spent weeks in the NICU to catch up.  So I got my tubes tied after the second pregnancy when the dr. said getting pregnant again would be life-threatening.  Two weeks after the tubal ligation I found out I had Celiac...


Fast forward 3 years.  Aside from the occasional unintentional glutening at a restaurant (about once a year), I've been 100% gluten free.  As a result I've lost 70 pounds.  My high bp is gone.  My cycles are finally regular.  I no longer have DH rashes, neuropathy, anxiety attacks, etc.  Five days ago I found out I'M PREGNANT.  DESPITE my tubal ligation and previous infertility.  (Note: this is extremely happy news - we've been trying to adopt for 18 months without luck.  And I'm absolutely convinced that now that I'm not poisoning myself like my first 2 pregnancies, this one will be a healthy one.)  I'm having a lot of food aversions, which is pretty difficult for me as I only have eleven safe foods.  But never once would I even consider eating gluten.  Just knowing not only how sick it made me, but how sick it made my babies, makes it about as appealing to me as a spoonful of cyanide.


I'm not trying to lay a guilt trip on you.  But you need to understand just how counterproductive eating gluten is to you.  Do whatever it takes to keep it out of your house.  You're #1 right now and the family is just going to have to deal with it to keep mom healthy!

In Topic: Safe Brands Of Rice Besides Lundberg?

01 May 2012 - 09:49 AM

Thank you all so much!! I'm going to get that burlap bag of basmati next time I'm there, yeehaw! I was thinking that stuff grown outside the US would be less likely to have gluten used as a cover crop - good to know I'm not alone in that thinking. :) T.H., neither I nor my naturopath think it's a fructose issue - I'm able to eat apples and drink apple juice all day long with no trouble. We'll get to the bottom of this somehow!

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