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Safe Brands Of Rice Besides Lundberg?

25 April 2012 - 06:57 AM

So I've recently been able to add RICE to my diet!!! :D This is HUGE - I've been on the same 8 safe foods for over a year and am extremely sensitive to any CC. I do very well with white rice, but brown rice caused GI distress. Anyway, I've been eating Lundberg, which is great, but the price hurts. Costco sells 25-lb bags of different kinds of rices at fantastic prices, most of which are grown outside the U.S. Any super-sensitives have experience with other safe brands?

Also, they did have one brand of "parboiled golden rice" that specifically said gluten free. But #1 what is parboiled, and #2 would this technically be a brown rice or a white rice?
ETA: here's what it is: http://www.amrice.com/3-1.cfm?bID=22
It sounds like something I should avoid... the bran layer is part of what makes brown rice harder to digest, no?