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In Topic: Anyone Get Glutened From Vitamin Shoppe Supplements?

21 December 2011 - 09:50 AM

I had some trouble with Vitamin Shoppe Vitmains. I can't be sure it was a gluten problem since I have other allergies/intolereneces. However, at the time I was taking them they only said wheat free, they did not say gluten free. You may want to double check your vitamins and write to Vitamin Shoppe to clarify whether they test for gluten or not. BTW, I have since found vitamins by Country Life that I can safely take. They are certified gluten free by www.gfco.org/

In Topic: What's The Best And Worst About Being Super-Sensitive?

21 December 2011 - 09:40 AM

A reported post goes to the report center where any mod can choose to look at it. All most of us can do is make it invisible if it is offensive. Posts are rarely ever changed, just removed permanently if it's really bad. Some mildly rude statement by a person who is normally polite will usually result in a pm to that person explaining how the phrase was taken and asking them to change it. Repeated rude statements by one person may result in a warning, or having them put on moderator preview so we have to look at each post they make before approving it.

We don't censor incorrect information, only bad words, rude comments, and spam.

ETA: Someone has to tell us that they found a post offensive, we try very hard not to make the decision ourselves (since anyone can take the written word the wrong way),

Again thank you for your help. I won't reply about this topic in this thread again since it's off topic.

In Topic: What's The Best And Worst About Being Super-Sensitive?

21 December 2011 - 09:27 AM

I think it's perfectly reasonable to share YOUR experiences (or a family member, friend you were with, etc), so yes, if a restaurant made you sick, then feel free to say something, if a product makes you sick, feel free to say something.

I know that some people (mods among them) are worried that new people coming on to look for information will get the impression that NO ONE with celiac disease can eat out, or eat a certain product and they try to post clarifications saying that actually most Celiacs can eat that.

If you EVER feel that one of these response went beyond clarification and into attack, then say something PLEASE. It's easy to get caught up in the emotions and forget that there may be other interpretations.

Thank you. Sorry to ask here, but really quickly and then I will stop. If I report a post does that report go to Admin (Scott) only or does the post go to the entire moderating team? And if the post is modified after I report it will Scott see the original or only the modified version?

In Topic: What's The Best And Worst About Being Super-Sensitive?

21 December 2011 - 08:59 AM

Just to clarifiy I did not mean to imply that Steph was offended. I am not her nor do I know her personally. I meant only to say that I am hurt and offended by the insentivity of others. And that is fitting with this topic as it was asked what is the worst part about being supersentive. In my two years being gluten sensitive this has been the worst thing I have witnessed--other celiacs not showing compassion (not just in this thread but elsewhere) to those MORE sensitive then themselves.

This is important to know.

Since all we have are words on a screen, and no facial expressions, it's easy for eight different people to read a sentence eight different ways.

If something really ranks you, then please either respond in the thread, or hit the report button, and tell us what you see the post as saying. It's the only way we'll know that something was taken amiss by someone else.

So to be clear, are we allowed to say if "eating at such and such a restuarant made me sick"? Or are we allowed to point out that under 20 ppm makes some people sick and certain gluten free products make us sick? Is there a liabiltiy issue with pointing this out and naming company names? Because I have been on this board for almost two years and I only noticed in the last few months that whenever someone posts, "Oh I can't eat _____" there are two or three people pointing out that they are indeed wrong and that most celiacs can eat _____. I find this very counterproductive and demeaning to always be pointing it out. It may be true that most celiacs eat 20 PPm products just fine but how does it help the person with the problem of not being able to eat _____?

In Topic: What's The Best And Worst About Being Super-Sensitive?

21 December 2011 - 08:32 AM

Sorry, but I never said those words. I never even implied them. Please do not put words in my mouth.

I have never openly attacked anyone --in fact, I try to temper remarks of those who are critical because I feel bad when anyone is not treated kindly --and I certainly have never said a word to you about anything regarding the topic of super sensitivity.

Wow, I have always been kind to you, GFManna, so I am very surprised by your angry response to me.

You said that you agreed with Gemini who said:

I think anyone who is sensitive can go out to eat successfully because there are restaurants who can produce a truly gluten-free meal.

And then goes on to describe how to eat out carefully. Sorry but his statement is NOT true for everyone. It is his experience and he is free to share that but to share that when responding to someone saying they can't eat out is just as invalidating as what you implied Steph was doing IMO. My response was not meant to be angry. I am NOT angry. I am just very hurt that this website that used to be my positive support place has turned into a place where others are not allowed to share their expereiences without being questioned/doubted/told they must be doing somethign wrong. Lately I have noticed more and more posts saying we can't share if a particular gluten-free product makes us sick or if we can't eat at a particualar restaurant. You, IrishHeart, have always been kind and that is why I am so shocked at your hurtful responses above. I understand you didn't mean them to be hurtful but they were. I am not trying to hurt you back. I am tryign to make you understand where the supersupersensitives that post on this board are coming from. Perhaps I am doing it poorly. I apologize as we can't read facial expressions on a forum. But I am not angry. I am heartbroken. :(

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