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In Topic: Australians And New Zealanders Hellooooooo :)

23 July 2014 - 03:13 PM

Hi,  apparently the gluten free weetbix will be in store this week in Coles and Woolworths. Check out their facebook page for more info.  

In Topic: Royal Carribean Cruises

23 July 2014 - 03:07 PM

Good to hear!  We have also been on two Royal Caribbean cruises with our celiac daughter.  One was to the Mediterranean and the other the Caribbean.  Both were very good with gluten free awareness and availability.  On our last cruise 2 years ago gluten-free was marked on the menu which was even better.  The bread wasn't great though.  Shame about the airline food, what airline was it?   We have had good experiences with Singapore Airlines and Air New Zealand even if the meals all seemed to be the standard rice with chicken. 

In Topic: Can Someone Reccommend On A Gluten-Free Vacation In Europe ?

23 July 2014 - 03:03 PM

I remember looking at this place a few years back. It is a chateau in France which specifically caters for those on a gluten free diet.





The awareness of gluten free in Europe is very good in  places like Italy and Scandinavia plus the UK and Ireland.    You need to narrow down where you want to go and then do some research about those places.  We went on a Mediterranean cruise which was also a great idea as the cruise line (Royal Carribbean) were very good with gluten-free.   When we visited cities in Italy we had no problem in finding gluten free. Make sure you take translation cards which you can get online.  We didn't use them as the waiters all  knew what it was in the places we visited.  Italy and Ireland have the highest rate of Celiac in the world so therefore the awareness and availability is higher than some other European countries.    If you go to Italy the gluten-free free products are mainly found in  pharmacies rather than supermarkets.


In Topic: Gluten Free In Waikiki

04 April 2014 - 02:40 PM

Almost 10 years ago when I first came down with in my 50s, no one here knew what celiac was, including me. As a sometimes chef, i had to do a lot of learning. Later as president of the ACF chefs group on the big island we could develop some educational programs which I liked to think worked.  I know DK and have been to one of his places, HIroshi which has a lot of asian veg dishes which they can do with tamari gluten free soy sauce which more and more places stock. That or braggs aminos.  I usually go to the Asian places since they  always have fresh veggies and will steam them without sauce. I carry a little spray bottle with braggs.   I tend to go to Town and 12th Ave becasue they will always fix something special and they specialize in using locally grown produce.  Hope you havea great trip

I think many people would thank you for your contribution to the education of chefs on the islands.  Education is definitely the key in improving awareness.  When our daughter was diagnosed celiac 15 years ago we could quite easily get gluten free foods but awareness was hit and miss. There weren't that many places that had gluten-free menu's etc. but the improvement since then has been amazing.  The celiac society in each of the states have been great in educating the public and restaurant industry.  Actually celiac awareness week was in March right across the country.  I think this education has been the key to this country probably been the most gluten free aware in the world so keep up the good work as obviously what you have done has made a big difference so far and it can only get better. Thanks again for your great suggestions and we are definitely looking forward to our trip and will do a report on our gluten-free experiences when we get back.

In Topic: Gluten Free In Waikiki

04 April 2014 - 02:34 AM

There are some great restaurants there that have gluten fee means. Still it's always good to call and let them know.

12th Ave. Grill  and Town both in the kaimuki section of Honolulu are my favorites. In oriental restaurants the choices are often more limited except for steamed  veggies -- just stay away from all the soy sauce.  Chef mavro's  is very good and they will make an outstanding gluten-free meal but they are VERY expensive. 


There are 2 whole foods on Oahu as well as local health food chains Down to Earth ( good buffet with some gluten-free) and Kokua Market which has more of the gluten-free staples if your doing the cooking.  The revolving restaurant in waikiki is  a gimic but the food was always  pretty good and they had a few selctions. They did get a new chef so i would call first. There is a place called the fat greek with great salads. A few good Indian places and dozens others

Alan Wongs and Roy Yamaguchi's would be ok but call first for sure.  Now if you come to Kona too, let me know!

Thanks for your reply Ken and apologies for the late reply.  Thanks for all your helpful suggestions.  I have done some research myself and found a few places in Waikiki that we can eat at some of which have a gluten free menu. I like the look of DK Steakkhouse which has a gluten free menu.   One thing I have noticed at restaurants in the U.S.A  is that I have never seen (gluten-free) next to an item on a menu.  Here many restaurants and cafe's will have (gluten-free) next to items on the menu that are gluten free.  I wonder if it is because they think that the diners will wonder what it means and be put off if they don't understand what gluten free is so they just have a separate menu.  I think that is probably where it was at here about 10 years ago or so but now most people know what gluten-free means.  I will check out those places that you listed though.   Soy sauce is a real nuisance, there would be so many more options if it was gluten-free.  Some places here use tamari or gluten-free soy sauce which is readily available but unless it's Thai we tend of avoid Asian places.    There is a new restaurant which has just opened in Waikiki called Bills Sydney Waikiki.  They don't have a website yet but have a facebook page.  He is an Australian chef who has a restaurants here (in Sydney) and in Japan and London and has just opened over there last week I think.  I am assuming they will be as gluten free friendly at the Waikiki restaurant as they are in his restaurant here so maybe check it out if you get the chance.