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In Topic: Celiac & Human History Please Read!

22 May 2010 - 09:38 PM

Since I started researching this, I have read in a number of books that say grains on the same branch of the family tree as wheat---the monocots---should be

avoided and that ones on other branches, such as buckwheat---the dicots---are safe. Well, corn and rice ARE monocots, so that statement would make them


Personally, I have had trouble with spinach and rhubarb, which are dicots. And I just got done with an experiment here where I baked a cake made from

buckwheat flour, sugar, baking soda, water and nothing else. And now I am not feeling too well.

My own experience with corn and rice is this: Since I took them out of my diet and have been off of them for a while, I can eat fat in amounts as never

before. It doesn't all absorb yet, but at least I do not experience constipation at all any more. I have conducted experiments such as eating a whole jar of

Smart Balance peanut butter in a day or so and an entire pound of cheese in less than 24 hours. And had no problems. That is completely unheard of for me.

If I had consumed anything approaching those amounts of fat in such a short time, even many years before 1992, I would have been constipated to an

extreme degree.

As I look back on my life, I see the severe cystic acne that I had in my teens, other skin problems, excess hair growth, being hungry all the time no matter

how much I ate, mood swings for no apparent reason, attention deficit disorder. All kinds of problems. I also see the diabetes that runs in my family and

which basically took my Dad from me in 2004 at age 85. In the last few years of his life, half of the time the diabetes made him see eveyone as an enemy

and made him say that he wanted me dead. The other half of the time he was 100% normal in every way. Something that contributed to that was that the

drug companies did not leave well enough alone when it came to insulin. They stopped making it from beef and pork and went with humulin, which is made

from a modified version of ecoli bacteria. In my Dad's case, the diabetes was much more difficult to manage with the humulin and he had a lot more

problems with it.

But I guess there is more money to be made with the humulin. That is another very big problem with society today. The obsession with money and the lack

of caring for people.

In any case, personally, I am going to avoid all grass-related food items and see if I am better for it. I was, until the buckwheat test. So, I am going to kick

that and the rest of it out of my diet too.

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