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Member Since 23 May 2010
Offline Last Active Jul 24 2011 09:46 PM

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In Topic: Mobile Food Truck Nycta

19 July 2011 - 10:28 PM

Great, do let me know! Would love to eat at a food truck.

In Topic: Haha Guess I Won't Be Eating There.....

19 July 2011 - 12:21 AM

When my Mom was in the hospital dying of leukemia, I told them she was on a strict gluten free diet. When they brought her first meal, there was a slice of bread on the plate!

I went ballistic. I insisted that I talk to the head cook. When I explained about Celiac, he apologized, and then asked what was wrong with the bread!! He didn't know that flour was made with wheat!!!

I stayed with Mom the entire time she was there, and inspected every meal. I had to send back the roast beef the next day because it was covered with gravy. And this was in a HOSPITAL!

So now I when I am talking to anyone about my diet, I tell them wheat, rye, barley and anything that has flour in it. I specify bread, breadding, batter, or the oil or surfaces that have been touched by any of these things. But to tell the truth, I have been afraid to try eating in a restaurant.

How awful. It is so fundamentally wrong for a hospital kitchen staff to be improperly trained. And agreed, JessicaNYC, everyone in the food industry should know about Celiac and food allergies & sensitivities. Definitely encouraging to hear about your little sister, and I have a friend who is in culinary school now and has had similar training - hopefully more and more culinary schools are incorporating it into their teaching now.

In Topic: Mobile Food Truck Nycta

19 July 2011 - 12:04 AM

Cool! Were they careful about pita CC?

In Topic: I Hate When We Have To Make Decisions Because Of Our Disease

18 July 2011 - 11:50 PM

If it's any consolation, I feel I can't fly for different reasons. I'm diabetic and have to take insulin. I fear there would be a problem getting on the plane with the needles and insulin. Yes, I know they have to let you with a Drs. note but I think you are limited to what you might need on the plane. I also take a ton of medications and supplements. Since you are limited as to the size of the carryon, I fear that those alone would fill up my carryon for a two week trip. Having had my luggage lost once, I want to travel with at least a change of underwear and clothes for the next day.

And then of course there is the issue of food. I don't think most airlines offer meals any more. Not that I could actually eat the meal. Gluten is not the issue for me but I have other food allergies. I just know I would have to pack food and with all the restrictions it wouldn't be much of anything I'd want. I used to always travel with extra bottles of soda and water because they never seem to give me enough. I've been told those days are over too.

Wanted to offer some encouragement! You can take as much medication through security as you need - just declare it to TSA as medically necessary. I routinely fly with a big bag of meds in addition to the standard allowance of liquid toiletries, and carry on a nebulizer for asthma in addition to my carryon bag.

And the food restrictions aren't all that bad, there is actually a lot of room to get creative - just make sure whatever you bring isn't at all liquid-y. I fly internationally every few months and bring all of my food in tupperware - usually fried rice, sauteed spinach and chickpeas, fresh fruit that doesn't produce a lot of juice (grapes, sliced apples, etc), homemade trail mix and some cookies or snack bars.

And way to go, T.H. - hope you are having a blast!

In Topic: Chartreuse Liqueurs, Tested And gluten-free!

23 May 2011 - 11:00 PM

Was hoping to buy some Chartreuse and was looking to see whether it is gluten-free, and came across your post. How great! And isn't that just about the most charming, reassuring company reply ever? Thanks a lot for investigating and posting two years ago. Also, love your username - my aunt has a dog named Gypsy Moon, Gyp for short.

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