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Member Since 14 Jan 2004
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In Topic: I Know What's Wrong Now, When Will I Get Better?

21 January 2004 - 02:26 PM

The depression definitely lifts. Stick with it. I truly feel better since I have been gluten free since July.

Don't kill for a pizza, as another post mentioned - get gluten-free pizza crusts (for example I got mine at Mr Ritts gluten-free bakery in Phila) to keep in the freezer for pizza cravings.

Get a bread maker and a gluten-free breadbook or pull recipes from the web. I've enjoyed having fresh warm bread right from the maker, a treat I never had before my diagnosis! Invest in Xantham gum and guar gum and the "weird" flours. My favorite so far is the all purpose gluten-free flour - so easy to use. Keep gluten-free pancake mix on hand, and try cornmeal pancakes. Make peanut butter chocolate chip cookies - no flour needed!!

There are so many great things out there to enjoy. For me it took a long time to get better enough re:depression to muster the energy to get stocked with recipes and ingredients and feed myself. But my friends and family were GREAT and helped me out and now I enjoy cooking and baking more than I ever did before. As for social life, I feel mine hasnt changed. I just cook A LOT MORE and invite everyone over!


In Topic: Diagnoised Celiac But With No Biopsy

21 January 2004 - 01:28 PM

Im not conviced that a bx (biopsy) is needed. I bet this will be eventually removed as part of the diagnostic criteria. Once the medical establishment finds enough statistical proof that the blood tests are just as accurate as the bx then the invasive procedure will be unnecessary. Though the point was well made that a diagnostic bx means the medical community can make money off celiac disease, so there is that pressure to keep doing endoscopies.

As for me, I was diagnosed in July 2003. I had been struggling with depression and anxiety for so long, then bruising everywhere. A medline search told me about celiac disease, which was new to me, despite the fact that I've been a nurse for five years! I got the blood test, and that was enough for me. I feel so much better on the diet that it is worth it for me to stay on it. Though it took six month, honestly, for me to TRULY beleive that the inconvenience of the diet was worth it, given that I dont have the more classic symptoms. But I think now my intestines have repaired and I can absorb nutrients again, and therefore my brain chemistry is so much healthier (and happier!)

Bottom line for me: I feel better. Why have an invasive procedure? Who am I trying to prove this to? Just me! I think as a society we have been brainwashed to be dependant on external validation. A part of that is because it keeps our capitalist society rolling, and a part if because we are all strugling with insecurities in one way or another.

I feel lucky to have been diagnosed with celiac disease, compared to so many other diagnoses which cause many invasive tests and medications and the cures/treatments cause so many side effects. The only side effect I have from the gluten-free diet is eating more healthfully and taking better care of myself.

Reading this over I realize that I am still pretty new to the celiac disease and gluten-free world. There may come a time when I do decide to do a gluten challenge, or decide a bx is important to me. Hmmmm.... only time will tell.

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