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Member Since 22 Jan 2005
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In Topic: Indigestion And Other Awful Symtoms

18 December 2006 - 07:52 PM

Can anyone reccomend an excelllent probiotic. I just ordered one from enzymedica. dont know if its the best though.

Hi Steph,

I'm taking Three-Lac, sold by Global Health Traxx. I believe it's considered a probiotic, but it's definitely touted as helping to control the candida overgrowth which our celiac symptoms have created over the years.


In Topic: Olive Garden

05 December 2006 - 04:03 PM


I did ask the waiter to make sure that they didn't add croutons to the salad and explained to him that I had a gluten allergy, which meant no bread or pasta. He even asked me a little more about celiac, out of curiosity. So I really don't think that contamination was the issue. I'm just about convinced it was the dressing, or perhaps the marinade used on the chicken. Anyway, I suffered for three straight days but am finally feeling whole again! :D And what a great groups of folks here at celiac.com!


In Topic: Olive Garden

05 December 2006 - 05:28 AM

To Laura: No, you weren't too harsh. I understand your passion and where you are "coming from." And I appreciate your concern. :D

To all: I think eating out is a huge challenge unless we are assured, IN WRITING, that we are in safe hands. Seems to me the only way to know for sure is if the restaurant provides a gluten-free menu. Then we know that the management, the kitchen staff and the wait staff have all been educated about gluten-free foods. Otherwise, speaking to a manager, or a chef, assures us only that that particular person is or is not knowledgeable. Our experiences may be completely different from one Olive Garden to another, or one Maggianos to another, etc. The manager of one restaurant I visited in the Chicago area (not a chain, but a very trendy fine-dining establishment) told me that there was gluten in everything -- rice, potatos (without an "e"), etc. :blink: Obviously, I was "on my own" that night! The challenge continues . . .


In Topic: Olive Garden

03 December 2006 - 05:37 PM

I guess CarlaB knows more about Maggianos than I do. I usually stay away from the Italian restaurants because of all the pasta offerings. But I would add to your list of Chicago restaurants Wildfire, which has a gluten free menu. They have steaks and chops, but a wider variety of other offerings. They have a location a few blocks from N. Michigan St as well as a couple of locations in the suburbs.


You cannot base eating out on something that "appears" to be safe. This is WHY you speak to a manager...to have them work with you to find something safe to eat, and have it prepared in a safe way. If you are embarrassed, then excuse yourself and get up and speak to them not in the company of your guests. A simple "I have food allergies and intolerances and have to be careful about what I eat" will suffice if you do not want to discuss it. I think the #1 advice that experienced Celiacs who eat out IS to speak to a manager or an experienced server who will take the time to find safe foods AND make sure that it is prepared in a manner that is safe. You can have the SAME food, prepared at 15 different places, with 15 different ingredients/brand, prepared with 15 different methods...and only some will be gluten free. If you are attempting to be gluten free, you can NOT assume that something is safe. I think that it is GREAT that although they do not have a gluten free menu, they have recognized that they have guests with food issues. They are saying, "TELL US! We will try to work with you!" What more can we ask for, but a little bit of help?!

You are absolutely right, happygirl. I stand chastised and will hereby pledge to be more proactive about ordering gluten free.


In Topic: Celiac Sprue & Doctor Too!

03 December 2006 - 01:24 PM

Yes, I have Celiac non-tropical sprue, and I'm a USA trained M.D.

Sorry, but I'm not a GI doc, nor a family practice/ general practioner. I'm "just" an anesthesiologist. And, I can assure you that all the meds we use in anesthesia are gluten-free! :lol:

I do know the physiology and molecular biology behind our disease, and I'll be happy to contribute what I can to the conversations, but as you all well know, we as people with CS usually know more than the "average" doc about this problem.

Ask away, I'll be asking you too...


You're not going to believe this, but not only do I have Celiac, I am also Malignant Hyperthermia susceptible! I know the two are completely unrelated, but I just thought I'd share that little item with you. In fact, not only am I MHS, but I founded MHAUS in 1981 and attended the ASA meeting in Chicago in October where MHAUS had a 25th anniversary reception :)

I don't usually spend a lot of time on this board, but I sure have been all around it this weekend. You can see my posts nearly everywhere, but my complete story was added to the "Tell your complete story here" thread under "Coping (I think -- or maybe post-diagnosis)." Turns out I was glutened yesterday and I haven't been up to doing anything more than sitting in front of the computer ever since.

I think it was my early MH-related experiences with doctors which made me realize (scarey!) that I knew more about it than they did. Those experiences led to my founding MHAUS, but also helped me take charge of my own situation with regard to Celiac. And I think doctors are seeing this more and more with the availability of information on the internet. My generation of doctors tended to be dismissive of anything they didn't know or understand, but your generation seems to be so much more receptive and unguarded. Yea!


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