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Member Since 01 Jun 2010
Offline Last Active May 06 2011 05:40 PM

Topics I've Started

Any Good Doctors In The Gta?

05 May 2011 - 08:40 AM


I'm looking for a doctor that either specializes in celiacs or is knowledgeable about it. My family doctor and the specialists I have seen (allergist, internalist) have been no help.

Despite a careful diet, I'm still experiencing symptoms and I need real professional help.

If anyone knows of a good doctor in the greater Toronto area, please let me know!

thanks :)

Mcdonalds' Iced Coffee

29 April 2011 - 08:14 AM


I was wondering if anyone knows whether McDonalds Iced Coffee is gluten free or not. I checked the Mcdonalds website and couldn't find it listed on the ingredients page. Does anyone have any experience with their iced coffee?


Convincing Family To Go Gluten Free And Cost

31 March 2011 - 12:34 PM

I have a question for those who live with non-gluten free family members.

I have a rather sensitive case of celiacs and I seem to be becoming more and more sensitive as time goes on. Its getting to the point where unless I eat food directly from a sealed container where theres no possibility of contamination, I get a reaction. I am very careful, I have my own kitchen area, fridge and hotstove, but its still happening and I'm tired getting sick all the time.

I live with my family (parents and sister) as well as four pets, all of whom eat gluten. My house is rather small and theres pet food, dishes, and food everywhere. My cats are little rascals and practically roll around in their food and then walk around the house spreading traces of gluten everywhere (including on my kitchen counters while everyone's in bed). I suspect that its largely for this reason that I keep on getting sick due to cross-contamination.

My family has been very supportive of me but has shaken off any of my attempts at making our house gluten-free. Gluten-free food is too expensive, and gluten-free pet food is unheard of. They've done their best to accommodate me by giving me my own cooking space, but its not enough.

Does anyone have any tips (specifically money-saving tips) as to how I can convince my family to go gluten-free? Does anyone know of any gluten-free pet food?

Luckily I'm moving out with my boyfriend by September, hopefully he'll be easier to convince!

Anyway, thanks!

Gluten-Free For Over A Year And Still In Desperate Of Help!

03 March 2011 - 09:17 AM

It's been a while since I've posted here, but Ive been having some serious issues with adjusting to the gluten-free diet and it's been just destroying me.

Since I (self-diagnosed) my celiacs, it's been a bumpy ride. It's taken me a while to learn what I can and cannot eat. But after all this time, I'm starting to get a hang of what foods are safe and what aren't.

My big problem now is cross-contamination. It seems that my sensitivity to gluten has increased dramatically (I wonder if this is normal??). Where before cross-contamination wasn't an issue, now I'm getting reactions from coffee-shop cups (I now drink my coffee from a straw) and I almost always get reactions from poking through the family kitchen (it's really messy in there!) without washing my hands thoroughly. My family has been very supportive and has even "built" me my own kitchen space in the living room with a mini fridge and counters and all, but I still have to use the main kitchen for the stove and to get some essentials and I notice every time I'm not 100% careful I get a reaction. I try to only eat food (even toast) with clean cutlery. I wash my hands thoroughly before every meal. I rinse off all new food products before putting them in my fridge, and I don't let anyone near my cooking space. I realize that I need to stop using the main kitchen for anything, but it's really hard since it has the stove, main fridge, sink etc.

This whole thing just feels like madness. I`m trying really hard to keep my food clean but I`m obviously doing something wrong.

So, my question is: Is is normal to be this sensitive??? Sometimes I wonder if theres something else going on - I`ve never been tested, but all I know is that symptoms disappear when I`m on a 100% gluten-free diet with no chance of contamination and symptoms only immediately reappear when I`m exposed to gluten. Also I`m in desperate need of advice on how to keep my food safe in a rather messy household. So any and all advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks :)

"gluten Free" Not Actually Gluten Free?

28 November 2010 - 09:43 AM

I've been having problems with a few gluten free products. The other week my bf bought me "gluten-free" rice crackers which gave me a reaction, and yesterday I bought Lifesource "gluten-free" dijon mustard which also gave me a reaction.

My diet is very limited and it would be nice to be able to incorporate some new products, but I feel like every time I try something new its like rolling a dice.

A friend suggested that I should only ever buy products that have a "Gluten-free certified" stamp - indeed, neither the crackers nor the mustard was gluten-free certified.

So my question is, what are the advantages of buying products that are gluten-free certified? Can I trust these products over ones that aren't gluten-free certified?

I did some research on my own, but it'd also be nice to hear from people here.


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