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In Topic: What Else Are They Missing?

31 January 2014 - 10:14 AM

Bartfull, your rant is right on the money, totally agree.  You call to mind that the days are over where doctors are panoptically lauded as some sort of information gods. Yep, I grew up that way back in the 60's - your medical doctor had all the answers and whatever they said was taken as gospel. Until I saw enough of them in the 21st century who denied simple logic or brushed off my intelligent observations about my own body or what I was experiencing, merely because they had not read the symptom or disease in a medical book that could have been written eons prior.  Or worse, because they were afraid to go against the medical establishment.  After countless visits to the doctor without answers, I made the gluten connection on my own, and then pursued testing.  While in the meantime, doctors were still stuck on the useless "stress, hormones or menopause" schtick some go to when they can't admit they haven't a clue.


But hey, I'm not anti-doctor.  I am convinced there are good ones out there, the best of which no longer subscribe to their own hubris as substitute for effective medical detective work that keeps up with the times.  Those are the gems.  And hypochondria aside, it's up to us to know to keep looking when our gut tells us the doctor may be totally off-base.  While I understand that doing your own internet research on health symptoms can yield cholera in the face of only a rapid heart rate, we should get used to the garbage-in/garbage-out method of taking responsibility for our own health and well-being, and get yourself to a humble doctor when you need a similar resource....or to stitch you up when you split your lip.