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In Topic: Help Please. My One Year Old Has Been Diagnosed With Celiac Disease.

07 October 2010 - 01:42 AM

My special gluten-free staples are:
Pamela's Baking & Pancake Mix
Chebe Mix (Original or All Purpose)
Tinkyada Pasta (I prefer the spiral and shell shapes for little ones)
Udi's bread
Van's gluten-free waffles or french toast sticks
San-J Tamari (soy sauce replacement)
Annie's or DeBoles box Mac & cheese

Other than that everything is pretty normal and main stream. For snacks we do things that are normally gluten-free like popcorn, fruit, fruit snacks, cheese, etc. Be careful with yogurt because some of them have barley in it. My babies loved yogurt but hated me feeding it to them so I buy the drinkable kind and put it in a sippy cup. Great for breakfast on the go with some dry Chex.

If you get stuck with dinner ideas try googling for a gluten free version of a traditional gluten favorite. I've done this for all kids of things from Mongolian Beef to donuts. And for the record I successfully made gluten-free donut holes with the Pamela's mix over the weekend that were a HUGE hit. The recipe is on the Pamela's website.

Us too! Looks like our pantries are the same. It gets so much easier after several months on the diet; we've been on it since June for my six yr old...definitely I've had some surprises, exhausted moments and frustrations, but its sort of leveling out now that we have our "staples" down. She loves Udi's bread products and I keep a lot of their frozen pizza crusts in the freezer so I can quickly make my own mini pizzas for her which she loves. She also loves Bell and Evans gluten free chicken, and we also discovered grilled chicken is a new favorite for her...so that opened up a ton of options, even for eating out at restaurants that offer a Gluten-Free menu. She enjoys veggies too...so glad your little one does, it makes it so much easier. I would recommend the book that the Celiac Sprue Association puts out, it has a list of every gluten free product in America and some stores around the country that sell gluten-free things too. Takes a little while to find foods, so its nice to have this "bible" of gluten free options. You can get it by going online to their website...which of course I don't have on me, but you can google the Assoc. and order the book if you see their phone no. For 30 dollars it made a HUGE difference in how to shop, where to shop, what to buy and even includes body/health products. Best of luck mom. Emily

In Topic: Is She Gluten Sensitive Now That She's gluten-free?

27 September 2010 - 08:13 AM

Thank you both...it makes sense to me, and I was surprised that her doctor looked at me funny when I made that observation. Makes perfect sense; I'll keep paying attn. to these "episodes" to consider the possibility of accidental glutening.


In Topic: Help! - Biopsy Preparation

27 September 2010 - 02:30 AM

Taryn's mom

I just saw your post this morning, and felt bad you didn't have any responses..my guess is that is becz there is no clear answer here. Yes, a child should be eating gluten for at least a cpl mos. to get an accurate biopsy. I don't know if heavily glutening her prior to one would give you an optimum result. My advice would be to consult with the GI and nurse, and see what they say. Secondly, I waited until the day before my child's biopsy and just told her they were checking her tummy out at the hospital the next day and that she'd be with me and her dad, and it would all be ok. I kept it very simple, knowing she'd be going to sleep w/the mask even before an IV was inserted. She did really well, the hospital had toys/games and stickers, etc beforehand in the pre op area to distract her. I think today may be your surgery date so this may be too late. Good luck with everything and let us know how you make out. Emily

In Topic: Help! - Biopsy Preparation

27 September 2010 - 02:25 AM

Hello another newbie here. My niece was biopsy confirmed celiac three years ago at age of two years. My just turned four year old daughter has been having stomach issues, complaining of "yucky tummy" and waking up in the middle of the night screaming. Not consistently and I wasn't tracking food but given my niece's diagnosis when I had enough of her complaints and screaming I took her to a medicentre and requested bloog tests including ATTG. Less than a week later her ATTG result came back 1260. Took her to my son's doctor Monday and he ordered more blood tests including ATTG and iron. Her second ATTG test came back 1270 but her iron was only slightly low at 0.13 (normal is .15 according to the doctor). My niece was severly anemic at the time of her biopsy. Today the GI nurse called with an opportunity to have the biopsy Monday due to a cancellation. When I look closely at my daughter's eating habits the past month, they have actually changed and she has been eating less gluten containing products. Now I am concerned that she might not be ingesting enough gluten for an accurate diagnosis with the biopsy on Monday. How much gluten does she need to eat every day before the biopsy? If I feed her lots of wheat between today and Monday will it increase the chance of a positive biopsy?

Also, should I tell her what's happening Monday? I have pictures of my niece in the hospital that I could show her. If I tell her, what should I say?

What if the biopsy is negative? Does anyone know why her ATTG would be so high if it is not celiac?

Thank you for any insight and your patience!

In Topic: Providing gluten-free Snack For Event

21 September 2010 - 01:31 AM

Hi Mizzo,

I just read your post...I am trying to think of mainstream,less expensive gluten-free snacks that are prepackaged. I'm coming up with:

Pirate Booty
Fruit by the Foot
Envirokids chocolate "krispy" bars (there is a coupon out everywhere for buy 2 boxes get 1.50 off)
Glutino pretzels
Annie's gluten-free bunny fruit snack packs

I can think of several more gluten-free ones but they are not cheap..Ian's cookie buttons, and then you have the less healthy but cheaper Frito Lay products like cheese puffs/curls/etc that come in the big bags w/snack pack sizes.

Good luck.... Em

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