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Member Since 03 Jun 2010
Offline Last Active Feb 05 2011 11:13 AM

Topics I've Started

Question Of Best Flour For Recipe

04 February 2011 - 10:40 AM

First let me say I'm terrible in the kitchen but I'm trying!

I have a recipe that uses butter, brown sugar, vanilla, eggs, baking powder, salt, white chocolate chips and shredded coconut. I made this before I knew I should be gluten-free and it was GREAT. It calls for 2 1/4 cups All Purpose Flour. Was wondering what you guys thought would be the right gluten-free Flour. I was going to use Bob's All Purpose but read it has a pretty strong bean smell/taste?

I also have to watch my oxalates so Buckwheat would be no good. I think Tapioca and Potato Starch have acceptable oxalate levels used in small amounts. I would really like to try Bob's but read so many bad things. I have a very sensitive sense of smell and taste. Thanks!

Amy's French Country Vegetable Soup

18 January 2011 - 01:33 PM

I bought a can of this soup and didn't expect to like it so much but it's very tasty. It's kind of fiber-packed and a bit on the oily side so I have a feeling it might go through me for those reasons. Wondered what experiences people have had with Amy's in general. I don't think her lines are dedicated. I don't seem to remember a reaction but I think I'm one of those who are not super sensitive. Anyway, has anyone tried this soup. I really like it. It's full of good things

Gluten Free White Chocolate Bars

17 July 2010 - 06:33 PM

Hi all

I am on a low oxalate diet and can't really indulge in regular chocolate. Does anyone know a good white chocolate candy bar?

I was eating M&M's until my bladder started to protest the high oxalate content. I used to eat Lindt's White Chocolate Coconut bars but I read that they may be cross contaminated!

Any suggestions would be great. I think I read Ghiardelli's white baking bar is good but can you just eat that straight up?

Thanks L

Southern Homestlye Cornflake Crumbs

17 June 2010 - 02:01 PM

First of all I'm a terrible cook, no doubt about it. I just got these new corn flake things and I put a little McCormack garlic powder, oregano, salt and Kraft parmesan cheese in them to fry my chicken cutlet. Fried in Olive Oil. Needless to say it didn't taste too good. What am I missing? Is it Parsley??

One good thing though, these corn flakes don't seem to burn as easily as the old breadcrumbs did! For the lousy cooks in the world out there LOL

Any help would be appreciated. L

Lipton Onion Soup Mix Has Barley In It

06 June 2010 - 01:45 PM

I'm new to the Forum and new to having to go Gluten Free. I thought Lipton Onion Soup Mix was Gluten Free. I've looked up so many products I'm not sure where I got that information, but when I went to buy it I read the label and it said Yeast Extract (Barley). So I'm assuming it's not Gluten Free anymore, if it ever was.

Also, was wondering how to do searches that bring up less results? If that's possible. Sometimes I'll search and so many threads will come up I'm not sure where to look first! Thanks. Sorry if everybody already knows about the Lipton

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