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In Topic: The Vomit Comet

21 November 2012 - 07:42 AM

I have been gluten-free for almost three years now, following the discovery of severe, non-Celiac gluten intolerance. (For all I know, it could legitimately be Celiac's, I just haven't tested positive yet.) I, too, react very, very violently now to ingesting even small amounts of gluten, but this wasn't always the case.

My reaction to ingesting gluten used to be passing out, ataxia, mouth sores within 20 minutes of ingestion, 9-11 bowel movements a day, total lethargy and brain fog, etc. Now, within just 1 hour of ingesting gluten, I vomit continuously and uncontrollably for hours and hours. What makes this more difficult for me is that I used to be able to take an over the counter anti-nauseal, but I seem to have developed a severe corn intolerance that leads to a lot of equally bad symptoms. Because of the corn issues, I also have to steer clear of anything in pill form, so I'm turning to homeopathic remedies like teas, etc, in lieu of being able to take conventional meds.

I usually ride it out with popsicles and ice chips. Club soda with homemade ginger syrup or lemon slices helps, too. Then, when my stomach calms down and starts to 'reset' itself, I make a sipping broth with carrot, fennel, ginger, and vegan bouillon that's gluten-free. (I ordinarily eat a lot of ginger and fennel because they are both great for stomach upset.)

I am extremely strict with my diet: I've never ever had an 'open meal' or small bite of anything containing gluten, no eating anything processed on shared equipment, but occasionally, I have made bad decisions by being too trusting of servers (not asking enough questions or being insistent) or by ordering menu items that I was told were gluten-free, but were actually not (like a piece of fish dipped in searing flour) or ordering a mixed drink that was made with a well liquor instead of the gluten-free, top shelf item I had asked for. I never order anything that doesn't come in a bottle now if I am out with friends, especially in a busy, loud environment where people don't hear you or are so busy they make mistakes. My fiance and I refer to these as 'the rules'!

I've had four (4) incidents in the past 3 years like this (since going gluten-free), when I thought I was being safe and I wasn't, but it was only in the three most recent that I vomited, so my experience jives with that of other forum users who seem to say that over time their reactions to gluten worsen. It takes me longer to recover from ingesting actual gluten in food form than it does drinking liquor made with gluten. What scares me the most about the fact that my reaction has worsened is my heart health. Vomiting like that is not just uncomfortable, it's scary!

For the last month, I've been religiously taking a probiotic, as well as a B complex vitamin. I've also been making a concerted effort to eat lots of naturally gluten-free and corn free fermented foods, like Kombucha, miso made without soy, relishes, etc. I think that these things are really improving my overall energy and health, and hopefully they'll help my gut. They seem to have decreased my recovery time after my last vomiting bout. Usually it would take me a full week to feel 'normal', but I bounced back much more quickly this time. I wish I had started with the probiotic right away.

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