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In Topic: If You React To Oats What's It Like?

04 December 2012 - 03:19 AM

I had stomach cramps!!! But then I read you are supposed to avoid even gluten-free oats for the first 3-6 months of being gluten-free then reintroduce them.

I reintroduced them 4 months after being gluten-free and I have not had a problem with gluten-free oats since.

In Topic: I Want To Kick Tostitos, And Myself, With Equal Ferocity

29 October 2012 - 04:36 PM

Lol! Tostitos Multigrain was my last glutening! I went to a party the chips were gluten-free then someone refilled the bowl with multigrain! I luckily grabbed just a small piece of one, and noticed it!! Luckily it was a small amount so my rash only lasted a week!

In Topic: Rash Disappeared When Diet Tweaked

25 May 2012 - 09:09 AM

I have recently had to go to a whole foods/non-processed diet due to my increased gluten sensitivity. I am one of those people who doctors do not think has celiac disease. The only blood work that I scored above normal was an IGG blood test(a pretty high positive). Negative on IGA's including TTG. Negative on genetic testing. No biopsy done while eating gluten because my doctor was sure my blood work pointed to non-celiac gluten intolerance rather than celiac. I accepted this diagnosis and was very happy with the disappearance of my intestinal symptoms when I stopped eating gluten. After abour 2 years, I began to struggle again and have been kind of on the run trying to stay ahead of the sensitivity curve, leading me after a lot of trial and error to a whole food diet which has helped a lot. I can't remember when I started having an angry, itchy, and sometimes painful red rash on either side of my nose where my nose meets my cheeks. I think it may have been about 15 years ago. Long before I eliminated gluten which was about 5 years ago. My doctor decided it was not Rosacea and gave me a strong antifungal cream which kept it somewhat at bay if I used it every day but never got rid of it. Well, with this final tweaking of my diet, the rash has gone away. Now I have gone back to wondering if I have Celiac after all and that they just don't know enough about it to exclude it with the current testing standards. I also have always had discolored tooth enamel with white bands. Lactose intolerance has also become a problem in the last couple of years. I know the location of the rash isn't typical for DH, but what do you folks think? Anybody had a similar rash?

I 'had' a small 1" diamter spot on my hand, that would blister, peel off, be all puffy and inflammed looking...then repeat that cycle over and over. It hurt too! Hurt like a burn would. My doctor passed it off as stress induced excema, said he had never seem an excema patch that concentrated though.

6 Months later I went gluten free and it dissapeared! Now it returns only when I eat gluten...and its spread it now covers more and more of my pink/side of hand when I eat gluten. (I am only on my 4th or 5th glutening) Now I seem to more sensative though too, bread crumbs were all over my kitchen from the kids...I broke out somehow from that.

In Topic: Any Low On Vit D?

25 May 2012 - 08:58 AM

I was at 14, the bottom of the range for my test was 12. I was instructed to take D3 at 10,000 per day for 2-3 weeks (so 70,000IU per week)...then after that back down to 5,000 per day (35,000 per week). After doing that for 3 months I got up to 55!

Then I backed down to between 5k-2k per day for maintenance. And within 6 months I was back down to 32. =( So I had to up my dose again. During the summer I usually feel pretty good.

In Topic: Ema/ Iga Test Results - 5 Year Old

17 May 2012 - 08:04 AM

Hello! This is my first post here.

My daughter who just turned 5 was given a blood test EMA & IgA after I mentioned her stomach aches. Two years ago our naturopath did a IgG on her and she came back off the charts for gluten and wheat. The chart ended at 325 and she was at 601 which is the maximum they measure. We tried going gluten-free to see if it helped with her rashed she was having. I don't think we were very strick and ended up going off it. I told my ped. about the IgG results and he basically said it was useless.

So... the ped. says the EMA/ iGa show "strong positive". I did see a number of 320 on the sheet but I am not really sure what that was. I am hoping to have the results faxed to me tomorrow.

I have a few questions that I don't think I can get answered by my ped...

1./ How accurate is the EMA test? I just want a basic answer. I keep finding detailed info that I have a hard time sorting through.
2./ Our ped. says to go gluten-free now. Everything I read says otherwise. We likely won't hear from the Pediatric GI specialist for a couple weeks and then it sounds like we won't even get an appointment until September!! The ped said that the damage will still be there in a few months so we can start now.

My daughter is having more and more tummy problems and has even lost 2.5 pounds recently. She never loses weight... I feel so frustrated that I have to wait months to see someone. :( So I have to keep watching her suffer for a few months if we want to have a biopsy?

My other daughter who is about to turn 2 has recently started having rectal prolapse and has also been constipated most of her life. I read that rectal prolapse can happen with celiac. My ped. isn't in a rush to have her tested and I don't get why?

Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated.

1) The EMA test is over 90% accurate.

2) If you want to go through with the scope, she should continue eating gluten. Scopes are also notorious for false negatives, so even if the scope's biopsy doesn't show damage it doesn't mean she doesn't have celiac.

If it were me...based on the blood test alone, with symptoms, if your doctor will diagnose her with celiac..... I would take her off gluten since she would have an official diagnosis already at that point.

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