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Member Since 18 Jun 2010
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Lactose Intolerance Testing? Where?

04 December 2012 - 02:38 AM

Well I have been gluten-free for a year....and it's awesome!! Except I am still having random right side pain (feels like a hernia or my ovary!)...I have been to my family doctor repeatedly for it. I went to anew Gyn for it...and she said based on my symptoms, bowel patterns she thinks I have a GI related issue.

I have not been able to have regular milk for about 3-4 months now without planning on being near a bathroom all the next day! ( I have extreme urgency!). I noticed with ice cream it's becoming worse too.

So...I think I should go get lactose tested. Where do you go to get the testing? Lab? Family Doctors office? Do you think it sounds like I might have it?

Any Almost Symptomless Young Kids Test Positive?

29 October 2012 - 05:00 PM

I did not test positive for celiac, but i have a rash and it's obvious I can't have gluten.

In the year I have been gluten-free my family has been 80% or more gluten free. I still buy them some non-gluten-free packaged snacks or an occasional loaf of bread.

During this time my 5 year old managed to gain 7lbs between 4-5 years old! This is a kid who barely gains 2-3lbs a year, it finally pushed him up to a more matching percentile! (75th height/50th for weight!). He also has excema, his skin feels like sandpaper!

I would like to get him tested I think. But I don't have a positive test to back me up. And he doesn't have a lot of symptoms.

Anyone's Doctor Diagnos Them On Symptoms Alone?

29 October 2012 - 04:46 PM

I am just curious! If anyone's doctor has diagnosed them on symptoms alOne?

It's been a year since I went gluten-free! I am quit good at it now! I went 4 months without a glutening! My last glutening was a Tostito Mulitgrain chip the size of a silver dollar....it was enough that within 2 hours my pinky got itchy, by 5 hours I had broken out into the rash on my pinky! It only lasted a week....but I realized how much it confirmed that I cannot have gluten! It was actually a nice reminder (besides how painfully itchy the rash is...and annoying!)

I could quite literally go to the doctor show him my clear pinky skin...go home and eat a cracker and the next day get rechecked with my rash! Lol! I just don't think any doctor would do it.

Typical Vent...and Thankful For This Site

03 May 2012 - 07:29 AM

Well I am going to eat out today. I have been strictly avoiding eating out for the last 3-4 weeks to get my DH to heal up. Its healed barely..and now I have 2 social lunch/dinner things going on this week. Today is lunch, which I pretty much think I am safe, based on things I found on here. I am starting to fear the DH, its not that its just annoying its only on a tiny part of me and each time it seems to spread out a little more...I am in fear of it now.

I have another fancy dinner engagement Saturday, that I pretty much want to not go because the place seems so unsafe to eat at, I checked their menu and called them.. Its several hours long, with food, appetizers, drinks...etc. Well I can't drink and not eat! So I am planning to eat before hand, I don't want to bring in my own food because its a pretty formal dinner...now its just making me not want to go. Our good friends are going anymore either, so that makes it a less social event. Just Blah!

But...I am so thankful for this site, at least what I can't find online about food, usually there is some post somewhere on this site about eating out at a particular restaurante...etc! I am thankful I can be informed before I make any food choices!

Injured Area Where Have Dh?

25 April 2012 - 08:48 AM

I was glutened like weeks ago, I got my area where i have my rash to heal up. no more blisters...etc. There area was still discolored though

Well then two weeks ago, I cut my finger where I get the DH/rash...and it was like it caused me to break out a very small amount, I got maybe 10 blisters....since then now the cut and the skin just doesn't want to heal. Normally from a bigger outbreak it takes me 4-5 weeks to heal, but this was very small, the blisters didn't entirely go through their cycle like normal...now I am just left with broken discolored skin.

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