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In Topic: Eating Gluten Every Weekend Enough For Testing?

03 December 2010 - 11:39 AM

Unless the test came back positive I would be inclined to question a negative test. I can't say that eating gluten on the weekends would be enough or not enough. Maybe you should look into genetic testing first? At least you would see if the gene is there.

From the reactions you have described, I wouldn't even bother getting tested unless you need to have the medical diagnosis for something.

In Topic: Gluten-free Fast Foods?

01 December 2010 - 02:11 PM

The only fast food we do is In & Out. We don't have a Chik-a Filet (sp?) here and most of the other places around here either don't have dedicated fryers or nothing my toddler will eat is gluten-free. But we are lucky enough that our mall has a PF Chang's (with an awesome gluten-free menu and service) and BJ's which offers gluten-free pizza. Usually when we go to the mall I either bring food or we go to PF's. We haven't been to BJ's yet, but they just started offering gluten-free and we haven't had the opportunity to check it out.

In Topic: Gluten Free And Not Better

22 November 2010 - 04:28 PM

I think she is completely gluten free. I just bought a new set of pots because I was desperate and thought that I might be contaminating her from the old set. Perhaps there is more that I should be doing at home that I am not aware of. The doctors don't give a lot of guidance regarding going gluten free. I learned more from the books I read than from the doctors. Thank you so much for your help!!!

Also check personal care items like lotions, shampoos, even your makeup.

In Topic: Ways To Make This Less Expensive?

22 November 2010 - 04:24 PM

To me your food bill is cheap! I spend about that for my daughter and I. But then things are expensive here.

I buy what I can at Costco. Some meat, cheese, canned stuff. Also carrots and apples. We eat a lot of rice, potatoes and popcorn.

I try to buy milk, eggs, cheese, bacon, corn tortillas, and meat in bulk at Coscto. One of my family's favorite meals is a simple egg scramble with bacon, cheese, and potatoes. We do mexican a lot too: ground beef or chicken tacos with rice and beans. Amazon. com is not always cheaper shop local to compare whether or not they have a good deal. I do buy Chebe mix from Amazon though. It is $18.XX for 8 packages and comes in handy for making pizza (1 bag will get me 2 8"-10" pizzas).I have been able to find Tinkyada pasta for $3.39 a bag at Target and Whole Foods. Chex cereal I bulk up when it goes on sale (like right now it is $1.99 a box). Obviously cutting bread and specialty products will reduce your costs, but I have found that sometimes it is worth it to buy a loaf of bread or a bag of pasta for certain meals. The trick is to buy in bulk. Most stores will give you a discount if you buy in bulk too. I know that at Whole Foods you can get up to 10% off for buying a whole box of Udi's instead of just a couple of loaves. I can't stand canned veggies, but we do buy canned fruit. Veggies I opt for frozen or fresh and try to plan meals around what is on sale.

In Topic: How Much Do You Spend On Groceries?

18 November 2010 - 03:28 PM

I'd say it is somewhere around $600-$700 a month for 5 of us. The gluten-free replacement do hurt a bit. Plus the fact that we go through 2 gallons of milk a week don't help either. We use a lot of eggs and bacon too. We hardly ever eat out and I pack my lunches for work.

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