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In Topic: Yellow Stool...after Going Gluten Free?

09 October 2010 - 08:11 AM

Tried dairy free, tried soy free...doesn't make a bit of difference....I am even yeast free. I have not seen a gasterointesterologist(spellin?)...none of the doctors have sent a referral to one yet. I am starting to get extremely frustrated with the doctors here, so much that if they end up finding something bad that I can't recover from...I will sue them. my medical file is huge and in the last 2-3 years I have been in there about 80 times...enough for them to figure it out. For example....I wanted to be tested for Candida(bacterial over growth) and the doctor told me it's impossible to test for and the people who get it are only people with hiv. That's a was of bs. I have read many of times on here how people have been tested and treated for it. Also that it comes hand in hand with intestinal parisites...(may have those). I have read tons about celiac and malabsorbtion of all kinds...I just wanted to know if anyone else had the same thing.

Thank you though. :)

In Topic: Terrible Stomach Pain

28 August 2010 - 05:43 PM

Just for info. Flax seeds can be manufactured/packaged in a facility with wheat products in it. Most of the flax seed packaged that you can by where i am say on the back..."Processed in a facility with wheat" or something rather. Also if you are buying these products in bulk (nuts/flax,ect), pay attention to what is in the other bulk bins beside them. It is very possible that whomever put them in the bulk bins didn't change gloves or tools(utensils) while doing it...so most of that could be and are mosre likely to be contaminated. This could very well be where you are getting the stomch cramps and pain from. I know it doesn't take much at all for me to react.

If you are unsure of the product being safe...call the company...they will tell you how it was processed....if it is processed around wheat/gluten containing items...they'll tell you if it is 100% gluten free or not. What I learnt so far...."better safe then sorry"


In Topic: What's The Science Behind Celiac Soy Intolerance?

20 August 2010 - 10:09 PM

Today I tested myself with the ingredient soy lecithin i about 5 different things I ate today. Guess what...I get the same symptoms with that as I do when I get glutened. I only did a somewhat small amount , but it was enough to give me stomach cramping that has so far lasted hours and is still going.

In Topic: How To Tell My Boss I Can't Work In The Bakery...

16 August 2010 - 07:45 AM

And not many deli meats that I know of have gluten.


Just so people are aware of this...alot of deli meats do either contain gluten or are processed by/beside or in a no gluten free facility. Even hamburger or hamburger patties can have gluten in them. In the deli I work in there are only 3 kinds of gluten free meets..but I can't eat them because they are beside all of the other meats. Unless you go to a natural deli/butcher shop...or buy pre-packaged meats that says gluten free. I know Grimms meats are mostly gluten free...but like i said the would have to be prepackaged or seperated from the other meats at the deli. It's probably different in a big city though. I have a pop. of 3500 here...so we don't have a massive deli. Lol.

In Topic: I Can't Figure Out What I Am Getting Into

14 August 2010 - 01:10 PM

For almost two weeks now I've been having stomach issues and arthritis type pains. I know for sure I was glutened last Tuesday night in a restaurant in Vail and the next day my geographic tongue went haywire (burning and itching)so I'm dealing with that too. I thought I had figured it out that the tea I was drinking everyday had soy lecithin in it but I've stopped drinking that since last weekend. I realize that the glutening from tuesday will still be affecting me now but I'm just feeling like crap after feeling so good for so long. I've double checked my vitamins ect and havent added anything new that I can think of, could the soy issue still be going on plus the glutening? My weed allergies are also getting me big time so that may explain the joint issues. I just started nasalcrom again for that and haven't had problems with it in the past. After almost 3 years you would think I would have this all figured out...thanks in advance for any suggestions.

I do find that too much of the ingredient soy or soy lechithin can make me start to feel a bit ill again. That could be just it...also I would stick to drinking organic teas ...flavoured teas can have gluten in them as well as flavoured coffees. "Twos leaves and a Bud " tea is great.