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Member Since 26 Jun 2010
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#632061 How To Tell My Boss I Can't Work In The Bakery...

Posted by on 16 August 2010 - 07:45 AM

And not many deli meats that I know of have gluten.


Just so people are aware of this...alot of deli meats do either contain gluten or are processed by/beside or in a no gluten free facility. Even hamburger or hamburger patties can have gluten in them. In the deli I work in there are only 3 kinds of gluten free meets..but I can't eat them because they are beside all of the other meats. Unless you go to a natural deli/butcher shop...or buy pre-packaged meats that says gluten free. I know Grimms meats are mostly gluten free...but like i said the would have to be prepackaged or seperated from the other meats at the deli. It's probably different in a big city though. I have a pop. of 3500 here...so we don't have a massive deli. Lol.
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#631773 Gluten Free Cooking...what Kind Of Cookware?

Posted by on 14 August 2010 - 09:07 PM

I am wanting to invest in some good...new wookware for just myself to use for gluten free cooking. Just wondering what the best kind of cookware to use is. Which is less porous and wont absorb and gluten if somebody accidently cooks with me cookware. Should I get stainless steel, cast iron? Any ideas? Thanks
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#629569 Biopsy

Posted by on 05 August 2010 - 09:47 PM

In the last 5 years I have had mild to severe ongoing stomach problems with almost every sypmtom you can think of...minus vomitting. Over that period a few months ago...one of my doctors said "do you think it could be celic?". So I went home and read about it...then I stopped eating glten..sure enough within like 2 days I was alomst 100% better. At that time i was diagnosed with non-ulcer dyspepsia,gerd,anxiety and ibs. I also quit taking the meds when I went off of gluten. So I have been gluten free for about 2-3 months now except for being gltuened 3 times. In the last few months I have been delaing with 2 different doctors...one kept insiting it was ibs untill i brought her a full list of my symptoms when I was one gluten and the difference when I was off...and the other says.. "based on your results from starting a gluten free diet..your celiac...stay off it...and you should wait a while to get a biopsy done...just so you are healthy for a bit." The other docotr says "we should get the biopsy done right away , so if it is celiac we will know what other test to do..like bone density scan and blood work...so we need you to start eating gluten for a week or so, then get it done.

Funny thing is...I had all my bloodwork done...I'm not defficient in anything...and SHE ordered a bone density scan for me like a momnth ago for something else...

I don't feel like she is taking me seriously. And I don't want to eat a bunch of gluten to get a positive biopsy result.

My bloodwork for celiac was done after I have stopped eating gluten..me not knowing that it would immediatley not show up on the blood test.

Last week I had a salad ...but olives TOUCHED it...I didn't eat them...they just touched it. NAd I was sick for 4 days with almost severe stomach cramps...just from that tiny little bit.

I feel like she thinks I am lying about my symptoms..escpeically when I tell her I don't want to get a biopsy done because I don't want to be sick...I am too busy and I really don't think my body can handle that again. I'm just skimming by now with everything else going on.

Should I get the biopsy done...if I don't..does that make me any less of a celiac? I feel like because I didn't have positive bloodwork and wont get I biospy I am a fraud....
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#619702 gluten-free Pasta For Cold Pasta Salads?

Posted by on 26 June 2010 - 06:40 PM

I just used Tinkyada pasta for a cold italian salad. Rinse it with lukewarm water after cooked, then immediately coat with evoo (extra virgin olive oil). To test if the rice noodle is cooked enough to the point that it won't harden when cooled, take a noodle as they are still cooking, rinse it under cold water, then take a bite. If it starts to harden up in the middle, then it is not cooked enough. As it cooks keep testing a noodle here and there...when it stops hardening after it is run under cold water, it's good for a salad. Just make sure not to over cook, or it will be mushy and sticky. :)
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