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Member Since 03 Jul 2010
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Topics I've Started

Moving Day

28 August 2010 - 06:00 AM

Hi all!

Today is moving day for me, and boy am I nervous about it! On moving days, typically I get donuts in the AM for my volunteer helpers and pizza after as a thank you! That's out! I suppose I can still get the little devilish gluten filled monstrosities, but I fear even touching them will make me sick!

Is it rude to just offer coffee and sandwich bread (I'd have my pwm gluten-free bread) for my helpers? I just really don't want to start out my first day in my new house looking at, and/or feeling sick because someone left their pizza/donut on my new counter-top and I CC'd myself!

For myself, I have gluten-free bread, "safe" lunch meat, "safe" mustard and "safe" mayo for the sandwiches. I also have regular loaf bread for others. I hope my friends and family understand. I can always ask my bf to get some poison...I mean gluten-free foods to share. What-chu think?

Thanks for the advice! Moving van is getting picked up at 10am Pacific time! Guess I should have posted this earlier?! Thank goodness for the IPhone, so I can be checking responses/suggestions while we are mid-move!

Happy Saturday all! Thanks!


22 August 2010 - 02:49 AM

Hello Friends,

I just found out that my youngest son, Tyler, has to have his 3rd open heart surgery. He has a severe heart condition and will require another new pulmonary heart valve placed in 2-3 weeks. His old valve, placed in 2006, has totally failed...

My question is related to the hospital diet. Has anyone had experience with requesting a gluten free diet while hospitalized? Tyler is not "formally diagnosed", as I chose to not put him through any invasive testing, and he is responding to the diet so well, I do not find it necessary. I know most hospitals have a dietitian... Do I simply meet with him/her and explain his gluten allergy?

Any suggestions/exp are welcome! Thanks!

Sweating One Minute, And Freezing The Next....

11 August 2010 - 12:17 AM

Hello Friends!

I don't know if this is Celiac related... but lately, every morning, like clockwork, I get out of the shower and begin getting dressed, and my body goes all whacky on me!?!? I start sweating for no good reason. So I'll turn on our large standing fan to cool off and within a few minutes, I'll still be sweating, but then I'm freezing cold. I always have to lie down and relax for a while, and it seems to pass after about a half hour or so...It's so weird! It's almost like when you have a fever...you know? Or when a fever "breaks" as my Mom used to say.... for all I know I'm in early menopause at 35...my period is 3 weeks late and I have had my tubes ties for 12 years...also weird. LOL!

I just thought I would throw it out there and see if anyone has heard of this before. I feel like my internal temp gauge is broken. I am so thankful this is happening over the summer, while I am not in school. (I'm a teacher.) But I'm really worried if this continues, because I don't want to be standing in front of my first period class of teenagers sweating like a pig and feeling like crap every morning! I am seeing my regular doctor tomorrow, and I'm planning on asking him, but sometimes I think he just blows me off because he doesn't know the answer and/or thinks I'm a hypochondriac! I'm going tomorrow to actually tell him how great I'm feeling, in general, since going gluten free, and to ask for a few of my medication to be lowered and or discontinued. But now I have this weird monkey wrench in my otherwise miraculous recovery... :(

Thanks for reading ladies and gents!

Brain Fog=Car Accident?!

05 August 2010 - 09:52 PM

Hello Friends!

I have had a perfect driving record for over a decade. I am a 35 year old woman who considers herself a very careful driver. So careful in fact, that I chose to only carry "collision" insurance on my old '91 BMW that's only worth about $1200. The car has 215,000 miles on her, and in California, we have the option of only carrying insurance that only covers the other car if you get in an accident. Being a single Mom on a tight budget, and knowing that my car is so old and not worth much, having this cheap coverage is worth it to me. (Carrying full coverage would cost me about triple the cheaper version...I've been told it's mostly just because it's a BMW...even though it's an old car on it's last leg and is certainly nothing fancy...it's honestly kind of a bucket...LOL!) My insurance is only $35/month, and I am fully prepared to go buy a newer used car and take on a car loan when my current car dies or gets wrecked. Anyway.... that's the background....

So I am driving home on a very busy 6 lane freeway in the bay area of California (the 580). I'm cruising along on the fast lane going about 70 minding my business. Suddenly, before I even realize what's happening, I am slamming into the back of the car in front of me! I don't remember the moments leading up to the impact. I just remember looking down or something, and when I refocused forward, people were braking...hard. I slammed on my brakes, but I knew it was too late and I was going to hit him. No one was hurt, and the man I hit was very nice, thankfully. His rear bumper was hanging off the car (it was an older mitsubishi), but the damage didn't look too bad. Once it was assessed that everyone was ok, I called my insurance and got a claim number for the guy to use to get his car fixed. My insurance is covering his car, no problems. Thanks Geico! I managed to hit him with my right front fender, and the bumper and fender did a good job of keeping the damage to pretty minimal. I was able to drive my car away from the scene, and after some time with a hammer and zip ties, I'll keep driving the 'ol bucket as is!

So here is my question. I have heard of this thing called "brain-fog" after a glutening. I had gotten glutened on Monday of this week (this happened on Wednesday, 2 days later) from eating a bar that claimed to be wheat-free, but silly me...it wasn't gluten-free. I had no idea that could even exist until this unfortunate instance. My family asked me if I was texting, on the phone, looking at the radio, tired, etc.... I wasn't! I honestly don't even recall the few seconds between driving along fine and about to hit the guy. I just kind of blanked. It happened so fast.... I'm a little worried. Maybe I experienced "brain fog?" My sister says she often is driving and just kind of "gets in the groove" and seems to "be on auto-pilot." Perhaps that is what happened? I do make this drive all the time.... I live 1 hr 20 mins away from my boyfriend of a year and a half. I make the drive from the central valley of CA to the bay area of CA at least twice a week, so "auto-pilot" is certainly a possibility... but I have never had this problem!

It's freaking me out a bit! I haven't gotten in an accident since I was 22. And even that was questionably my fault. This was clearly my fault.... I just blanked out and hit someone. Has anyone had this problem while driving after being glutened? Does anyone avoid driving after being glutened for fear of a "brain-fog" accident? I'm afraid to bring it up to my doctor, because I cannot afford to lose my license! I have made a promise to myself that I will just have to be extra careful, to the point of a little bit ridiculous to stay away from gluten. Whatever it takes... I can't have this happen again! I would appreciate any advice/commiseration. What's that saying? Misery loves company? LOL!


Gluten-Free Prescription Meds

02 August 2010 - 03:57 AM

Hi all!

I am still working on the fine tuning of my new gluten-free life. I take a few pills every day that are prescribed to me from my doctor. I have heard that some pills can contain gluten, but I am a little overwhelmed about how I find out this information?! Do you ask the pharmacist? Your doctor? Do you look up the drug name/manufacturer/ingredients online? It's not like RX's come with an ingredients list right? Or does it?!

Here is what I take, but I don't know the manufacturers just yet, I'll call Rite Aid tomorrow and get details, but if anyone has experience with any of these, I'd love for you to chime in!

Atenolol - blood pressure
Prozac - depression (although since going gluten-free, I don't think I need them anymore...but that's another story!)
Xanax - anxiety

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