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In Topic: Seborrheic Dermatitis - Any Idea?

22 September 2014 - 09:51 AM

Have you looked into oxalates? I don't know much about their connection to Seborrheic Dermatitis but google gave some hits. The increased oxalates from your recent addition of almond butter ( very high oxalate content ) might explain your worsening symptoms. Good luck.

In Topic: Natural Approach To Increasing Bone Density/help With Reading Results

21 December 2013 - 08:14 AM

Hi everyone. Hope I'm posting this in the correct forum.


I had a DXA scan done last week and got the results today, and the doctor told me I have extremely low bone density in my lower back. From what I understand, if your T score is -2.5 or more, that puts you in the category for a diagnosis of osteoporosis, is that right? Mine was -2.6, with a Z score of -2.0. It says:


Spine AP BMD (L1-L4): .925 g/cm (squared) (79% of Age Matched normal), Z score (-2.0) 


The doctor told me to start a calcium supplement and add more protein to my diet, but then I did more research and it seems that a lot of newer research on osteoporosis and bone density suggests that calcium supplementation doesn't do much to fix low bone density, and that things like K-2 supplementation and vitamin D supplementation are more important. 


The doctor did not try to put me on a prescription medication, which makes me think that it's not too severe, if she thinks supplementation can help, but I'm confused about what exactly I should do. 


I'm just wondering what my fellow forum folk think about this, and if any of you have had any success with a more holistic approach to treating bone density issues?


Also, how long before I should get another scan to see if what I'm doing is working? Should have asked the doc, but it slipped my mind!  


Also, what kind of weight bearing exercise would be good to help this? I've always been extremely active, so it's so surprising to me that I have such low density. Is adding more walking into my routine enough, or should I be doing more? 


Thank you. :)


I think you are right to consider K2 supplementation. If you haven't already found it, the Weston Price foundation has some good articles on K2 ( the x-factor ). I cannot personally attest to its ability to help with bone density, but out of all the vitamins I take, K2 is one of the few that I can say with confidence has a positive and real effect. Since taking it my teeth always seem clean. No more gunk building up and no more film waking up in the morning. I take both butter oil ( mk-4) and a mk-7 supplement. Definitly worth a shot in my opinion. Don't forget Vitamin A ( not betacarotene ) and Vitamin D. All three are suppose to work synergistically. 

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